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More Detailed Help

Edraw V7 embeds the dynamic help, a special Pane window that lets users see timely and important information about the tools they are using when they are drawing. The Pane includes simple diagramming tips and advanced application features that are appropriate to the area of the program they are using, allowing users to produce professional drawings much faster and more easily.

Create Diagrams

  1. Welcome to Edraw

  2. Working environment

  3. What can you use Edraw for

  4. How to create a basic diagram

  5. How to draw a flowchart

  6. How to draw a mind map

  7. How to create calendar and mark event

  8. How to draw a gantt chart

  9. How to create a BPMN chart

  10. How to draw a concept map

  11. How to draw an organizational chart

  12. How to create a pie chart

  13. How to create a doughnut chart

  14. How to create a line chart

  15. How to create a column chart

  16. How to create a bar chart

  17. How to create a scatter chart

Shape Basic

  1. Selecting a Shape or Multiple Shapes

  2. Moving, Rotating, Resizing and Flipping Shapes

  3. Aligning, Distributing, Same Size and Center Shapes

  4. Grouping, Ungroup and Copying Shapes

Connect Shape

  1. About Connectors

  2. About Connection Points

  3. Change the Appearances and Behavior of Connectors


  1. Insert OLE Objects

  2. Insert Pictures

  3. Insert Symbols

  4. Insert Hyperlink

  5. Insert Table


  1. Adding Text

  2. Formatting Text

  3. Operating Text Block

  4. Copying Text

Formatting Shapes

  1. Formatting Shapes

  2. Fills, Shadows and Patterns

  3. Lines and Line Ends

  4. Quick Style

  5. Theme

  6. Protect Shapes

  7. Edit Shape Properties

Drawing Tools

  1. Drawing Basics

  2. Drawing Simple Lines and Shapes

  3. Drawing with the Pen Tool

  4. Drawing with the Pencil Tool

  5. Editing Shape Path

  6. Adjust Path Segments

  7. Convert between Smooth Points and Corner Points

Page and Document

  1. Multiple Page Documents

  2. Zooming and Scrolling Pages

  3. Change the Page Background

  4. Create a Master Template with Company Logo and CI

  5. Rulers and Grid

  6. Snapping and Gluing

  7. Document Settings

  8. Program Options Settings

Libraries and Examples

  1. Editing Libraries

  2. Manage Your Own Libraries

  3. Finding and Adding Shapes

Saving and Printing

  1. New, Open, Save a Document

  2. Importing Files

  3. Exporting a Document

  4. Clipping a Drawing

  5. Printing a Document


  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

  2. How to Register

Video Tutorial

General Diagram Types - Overview

edraw max


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