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Homework Designer/Worksheet Maker: Design Interesting and Effective Homework

> Edraw Diagram > Homework Designer/Worksheet Maker: Design Interesting and Effective Homework
Posted by James Freeman | 01/20/2021
Design pictorial homework to test students' ability, improve their interest and boost their creativity. Many ready-made templates and examples are available for free download and use.

block 3D software

Design Interesting and Effective Homework

Edraw is an effective and proven visual homework design tool, for organizing knowledge visually, making worksheets for language learning, math, and more. Edraw is one of the easiest worksheet design tools to learn and use. It supports drag and drop interface that is similar to MS Word saving both time and energy. It was specifically designed to be used by anyone from beginners to experts so that teachers, parents, and even students themselves can make interesting and effective visuals as homework. Below is an example for reference.

Venn Animal Worksheet Template

Edraw includes different options to help speed up the process of designing homework:

  • A large number of ready-made templates and examples help you get started instantly.
  • Over 6000 vector shapes bring countless possibilities.
  • Auto editing of the shapes through quick buttons.
  • Drag and drop interface saving more time and energy.
  • Attached connection points let all connections work become easy and quick.

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