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Teachers should try this science diagram software with vector lab equipment graphics used for visual learning of laboratory stuff.

Introduction to Visual Learning

Visual learners tend to learn best through seeing. Pictures, photos, diagrams, symbolism, videos and other visual materials are some of the things that work well in a visual learner's education toolbox.

Edraw is an all-purpose diagramming tool which can be used to create science diagrams covering most subjects. Here, we focus on how the lab equipment diagram solution can facilitate visual learning.

Pluses of Lab Software in Visual Learning

The following are some of the benefits of using Lab Software in education:

  1. It helps present information in a visually attractive and comprehensible way.
  2. Its organized structure helps students understand and communicate their knowledge effectively.
  3. It helps student analyze, understand, and memorize lecture information.
  4. It can be used by both teachers and students to create presentation and explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand way.
  5. Visual diagrams get students attention and focus.
  6. It promotes active note taking, thinking, and learning skills.
  7. It fosters inquiry and problem solving.

Leading Lab Software to Boost Visual Learning

Laboratory Equipment Diagram Maker

As a world-leading visualization tool, Edraw offers a huge selection of visual learning programs and aids for students. With content ranging from state-standard academics to personal hygiene, Edraw allows students to develop class calendar, schedules, interactive content, quizzes, and more, all ready for customization. When it comes to lab equipment diagrams, Edraw only takes a few minutes to make one professional one. See its user-friendly interface on the right.

Pre-drawn Lab Equipment Symbols for Immediate Use

As a student, you can make your study fun by making visuals of your own style. Instead of always reading the black and white materials, you can make some colorful diagrams that illustrate knowledge visually and logically. You can even design your own worksheet. See an example at Lab Equipment Worksheet Template. Gain more worksheet templates for study from All about Kids Worksheet.

As a chemical teacher, you don't need to spend hours and hours drawing or searching diagrams any more. You can get those diagrams done as quickly as possible, without sacrificing accuracy and details. This is achievable thanks to Edraw's pre-drawn symbols which support drag and drop use. They are all for immediate use, easily editable, highly scalable, printable, color changeable and separable. Have a look at some samples in the image below.

Laboratory Equipment Shapes

Refer to Chemical Laboratory Equipment Shapes for more details.

Free Download Software and View All Vector Symbols

Lab Equipment Diagram Example

Besides lab equipment diagrams, Edraw has over 1000 templates designed to draw diagrams, and myriad helpful tools necessary to quickly and easily tailor lessons. Seeing is believing. Check out one excellent example below. This lab apparatus list can help students learn basic lab equipment and their common uses in an easy-to-understand way.

Lab Apparatus List

How to Draw Lab Knowledge Diagrams

It is simple and easy.

  1. Firstly, access the lab equipment shapes stencil.
  2. Then drag and drop necessary symbols on the canvas and resize, recolor them if necessary.
  3. The third step is to connect or label the diagram.
  4. Finally, save or export the diagram.

Learn how to use predefined symbols to draw lab equipment diagrams in detail.

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