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Easy calendar software allows you to create customized calendars for time schedule, planning, scheduling appointments, meetings, birthdays, vacations, special events from templates. Free Download.

Calendar & Time Schedule Software - Create Calendar with Free Templates


It is well said that, "Time is life. Time is priceless." Saving time is actually saving money and improving life. That is why time management is so important.

Are you searching for a calendar software to create and share the time schedule? Are you searching for a free printable calendar template so that you can create your own calendar quickly? Edraw is easy to install and use, and is very affordable. Best of all, if you have already known how to use Microsoft Outlook, there's nothing new to learn.

Full-featured Calendar Software

Feature-rich calendar software allows you to create customized calendars for time schedule, planning, scheduling appointments, meetings, birthdays, vacations, special events from templates. It supports weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar. In addition to the variety of project management drawing types, including time line, matrix, pert diagram and gantt chart, Edraw Max enables both novice and business professionals to design flow diagrams, business charts, mind map and presentations.

calendar software

Free Download Calendar Software and View All Examples

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Features of Calendar Software

Calendar software can be used as an effective time management tool because of the following features:

  1. Streamline event management with a centralized calendar
  2. Advanced theme editor
  3. Export to Microsoft projects
  4. Add data to specific dates
  5. Create reminders
  6. Create daily tasks
  7. Easy, effective, and affordable
  8. Works with other project management tools in a package
  9. Vector drawing and easy to customize
  10. Link data or event and easy to manage
  11. Organize your daily work easily
  12. Print calendar template and mark your calendar for work scheme
  13. Export the calendar diagram into PDF, SVG or HTML format for sharing with your colleagues

Printable Calendar Template

Edraw includes some built-in calendar templates for yearly calendar, monthly calendar and weekly calendar. They are vector shapes and can be printed and exported as html, SVG, jpeg and tiff format.

Printable Calendar Template

It works like a traditional calendar. You can choose the time range for the calendar by clicking the Action Button.

Change date calendar

Marking Your Calendar

Marking your calendar can be a fantastic thing to have if one always finds it difficult to remember all the things that must be completed in any given day. With these calendar software, one can keep everything well organized, and work faster as a result.

There are some mark symbols in the libraries and you will be provided with different day boxes to fill your events. Just drag these mark symbols into the current calendar template. When the mark symbol is over the calendar, the connection point will be shown so that you can attach the mark easily in the calendar.

mark calendar

You can select one day in the calendar, then click the action button to highlight it.

highlight calendar

Note: Your first click on any area of the chart makes the whole chart selected (a green box shows to indicate the selected section). Clicking the second time on a certain part selects that part which is by blue control points (its floating button shows on the upper right corner). Click the floating button to highlight it. To change a specific cell's highlight color or fill patter, you need to click on that cell the third time right after you highlight it.

These mark symbols are very smart so that it supports the click event. You can even click it to expand or shrink the tip information.

Expand tooltip in a calendar

Calendar Examples

Create event calendar diagram rapidly from calendar examples and learn easily how to draw a professional calendar with event mark.

task schedule calendar working calendar month calendar of classes
Task schedule calendar Working calendar Month calendar of classes
Day schedule calendar month plan calendar Quarter Plan Calendar
Day schedule calendar Month plan calendar Quarter plan calendar

How to Create a Calendar

Open Edraw, under Available Templates, click Project Management, and double click Calendar template to enter the drawing page. Now you can start your drawing. First, drag a Calendar shape from the library on the left, then use action button on the top right corner to set the date. After that, you can mark the calendar with message and event bars, and finally change the calendar appearance through fill function. To have a more intuitive and detailed guide, please click the following link to watch the video tutorial: Video Tutorial - How to Create a Calendar

Review Our Calendar Software

Unlike other calendar software that provides users with a simple calendar screen, Edraw help users design from a template and add the event mark easily. You only need to organize the task schedule and Edraw does the rest. With the program, one can keep everything well-organized, and work faster as a result.

Make Your Own Calendar

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