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Easy and handy Jablonski diagram software helps you draw Jablonski diagram with little effort. Free download and edit the Jabloski diagram templates with Edraw Jablonski diagram software.

What is Jablonski Diagram?

Named after the Polish physicist Aleksander Jabłoński who did significant research on fluorescence and molecular photophysics in the 1930's, Jablonski diagram has been playing an important role in molecular spectroscopy. Jablonski diagrams describe the electronic states of molecules, transitions and associated light emitting phenomena. 

Jablonski Diagram Software

Edraw Jablonski diagram software provides you with powerful diagraming toolkit and vector symbols to make Jablonski diagrams. In Jablonski diagram, nonradiative transitions are indicated by squiggly arrows and radiative transitions by straight arrows. The vibrational ground states of each electronic state are indicated with thick lines, the higher vibrational states with thinner lines. All the necessary vector-based shapes, lines and arrows can be found easily in Edraw's symbols library. Scientists can export their Jablonski diagram to various formats for convient sharing and researching, such as MS Office, PDF, and common graphics.

Jablonski diagram software

Free download Edraw Jablonski diagram software and start diagraming easily.

Jablonski Diagram Software Features:

  • Cross-platform
    Edraw Jablonski diagram software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Powerful Drawing Tools
    All the built-in vector symbols are easily customizable. A set of easy and handy frawing tools help you create your own symbols.

    Drawing Tools
  • Massive Built-in Symbols and Templates.
    Over 10,000 built-in vector symbols are provided into different libraries for users to drag and drop. Ever-increasing templates and examples are offered to simplify the drawing process.
  • Convenient Collaboration and Sharing.
    Save your Jablonski diagram to the Team Cloud to get real-time collaboration. Export and send your drawing to Word, PPT and PDF, with no quality loss. Supports to sharing your diagram on social midia with a link.

    Export and send Jablonski diagram for sharing

Jablonski Diagram Example - Molecular Spectroscopy

Here is an easy Jablonski diagram example showing the excitation of molecule A to its single excited state. If you find it useful in your research, you can click the image to free download and customize it for your own use.

Jablonski Diagram Example

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