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50+ Editable Infographic Templates

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/12/2019
Here are 50+ editable infographic templates with editable charts, maps, icons, timelines, graphics, etc. These free vector infographic templates help build infographic presentations easier than ever!

From its name, infographic can be easily understood as the combination of "Graphic" and "Information", that is, a graphic containing information. Infographics are really successful in data communication and content marketing nowadays, because they have visual appeal and make boring content fun to read.

How to work out remarkable infographics while spending least time? The answer is using infographic templates! Infographic templates give you ready-made elements, layout and color matching, which save your energy yet produce impressive infographics.

Have you ever tried using editable infographic templates? If no, you can start from the following ones. This page offers you more than 50 editable infographic templates covering topics from business, environment, science, social life, to education. You can choose any of them and click the label to download. They are truly and fully editable. Every detail, the text, font, color, graphic, background, chart value, are available to be set with a personalized requirement.

When you open and edit the templates, you will start our infographic software, which will have more infographic elements to choose, and more infographic-featured functions such as image clipping, vector graphic drawing, etc.

Business Infographic Templates

Vector business infographic templates can be used to design workflow layout, company newsletter, quarterly sales report, KPI dashboard, product flyer, etc. The templates contains vector elements of business people, business scene, office stationery, marketing, discount label, social media icon, charts, world maps, regional maps, etc.

Medical Infographic Templates

Medical infographic templates include medical equipment, human organs, hospital peripherals, etc. Take the following design to start your work faster!

Education Infographic Templates

Education infographic templates can be used to design education report, class presentation, academic paper, research result, activity plan, school plan, etc.

Environment Infographic Templates

Environment infographic templates can be used to create environmental education materials, website images, environment data presentation, etc.

Food Infographic Templates

Food infographic templates are ready for the design of recipe introduction, food analysis, restaurant menu, nutrition report, etc.

Transportation Infographic Templates

Transportation infographic templates are downloadable and editable when you need to make traffic signs, transportation plan, traffic report, etc.

Social Life Infographic Templates

Social life infographic templates can be used for social life topics content visualization.

Map Infographic Templates

Want to create infographics with maps? These map infographic templates will help you out. They not only contain world map, but also have maps for each continent and each country in the world.

Marketing Infographic Templates

Infographics are important marketing tool because comparing with other marketing materials, infographics are more likely to be viewed and shared. Below are some infographic templates for marketing. You can take the original files by clicking the labels under each image.

Sport Infographic Templates

Sport infographic templates allow you to redesign flyers, posters, newsletters and paper documents with sport tops. The templates includes a variety elements of sport types, balls and sport scene.

Travel and Tourism Infographic Templates

Travel and tourism infographic templates can be used to make advertisement leaflets, presenting research reports, inserting in travel blogs, etc.

Science and Technology Infographic Templates

Download the templates for free right now. Create the most high-end technology infographics with ease.

Festival Infographic Templates

Below are infographic templates about festival. They are free to download and easily modifiable.

Building and Architecture Infographic Templates

These infographic templates will greatly save your time and reduce your effort. You can replace the title, graphics and contents with your own.

Media and News Infographic Templates

Modern media need infographics because infographics can present complex information in an easier digestible way and get more attention. Below are some infographic templates you can use for media and news presentation.

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