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An easy status table maker that helps make status tables with examples and templates. Quickly and easily create status table from data in minutes.

See what's getting done and what's falling behind. Visualize and track performance with reporting views in Edraw status table software.

Status Table Maker

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Simple Status Table Maker - Make Great-looking Status Table

Edraw Status Table maker is elaborately designed to produce creative, visual and professional status tables from templates. It takes minimized time yet produce maximized effect. For people already accustomed with other Microsoft apps, such as Word or Excel, the interface will be quite familiar. Moreover, users can understand how to use it at the first glance by referring to the attached floating dialogues. Simply drag and drop symbols, apply built-in designed themes or backgrounds, and automatically share your finished status table into a presentation or PDF by only one click.

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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Amazing Functions

Edraw helps you manage the following tasks effortlessly.

  1. Project scheduling & organization
  2. Team planning & coordinating
  3. Time tracking & approval
  4. Project analysis & reporting

Advanced Features

World Leading Diagramming Software

The predefined vector symbols (8000+), readily available templates, drag-n-drop interface and point-n-click editor all together make Edraw a world leader in diagramming.

Feasible and Wide Application

Easy to use for beginners and advanced enough for expert designers. In addition to status tables, more than 200 kinds of diagrams can be generated to benefit teachers, office workers, engineers, programmers and so on.

Insightful Reporting & Data Analysis

Real-time updates & notifications, one-click advanced reports, and easy exporting mean you can act on your data quickly and with confidence.

We Take Support To The Next Level

At Edraw, we're insanely passionate about customer satisfaction. We hope you never have a problem, but if you do, we'll fix it.

Seamless Third Party Integrations

Integrate with MS programs seamlessly. Plug us in and watch us go!

Smart Status Table Symbols

Status Table Symbols

By smart, we mean that the shapes are easy to edit through some intelligent action buttons. See how to do it below.

Open the template of Status Table in Project Management group under File menu to apply these shapes.

Use the green selection handle to resize shapes.

Enlarge Shape

Click the floating action button to change shapes more flexibly.

Enlarge ShapeEnlarge Shape

The Priority shape includes 6 degrees. The floating button helps you change priority degree anytime you want, without redrawing.

Enlarge Shape

See how you can change Process Status below.

Enlarge Shape

Status Table Templates

A weekly project status report template is quite helpful in scheduling projects and management efficiently.

Download status table maker and view all examples for free

Status Table Symbols

Example of Project Charts

Chart Maker for Top 10 Charts and Graphs

How to Create Status Table

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