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Good wireframe, prototyping and UI mockup tools help you plan your website and allow you to create example designs for your team and clients, saving yourself a lot of precious time.

UI mockup tool helps you to expand upon idea, see the bigger picture and avoid mistakes along the way. Mockups and wireframes are critical tools for communicating a prototype's usability and functionality to clients, providing a streamlined, uncluttered visual to supplement verbalized ideas and designs.

Four Tips for Wireframing

Wireframing is key to successful and efficient UI development for modern web and mobile applications. Below are four tips we have summarized from our previous experience. Hope you can benefit from them.

Avoid building large prototypes. It is wise to wireframe the key screens, implement them, see how they feel and go back to the wireframes to tweak them if needed. If you are fully interactive on the prototype together, then realize that some features couldn't actually be built or noticing that the user experience wasn't so great once they implemented the prototype, you will surely waste a lot of precious time.

Imagine the end result in head. You can try and imagine the end result in your head, when you're just starting out, but it's much easier when you prepare a wireframe before and really know what you need to do before even starting to do it.

Make it functional, not pretty. There are variations in how wireframes are presented and this is reflected in the various tools available. Fundamentally it is about the functional parts of an application, e.g. that a page will have 3 text boxes and 2 buttons. It's about function not form.

Think about the user. It sounds obvious but it's so easy to get caught up in creating a wireframe and forget about the user. The functional is what we're focused on but it is still important to consider the user experience that is being created. For example, if you create a registration form that is three pages long you probably won't find that many people fill it in.

wireframing examples

With the explosion of mobile applications and cloud computing there are more wireframing tools on the market than ever, each offering varying levels of functionality. Some software will allow you to create a complete working prototype, while other tools will be purely used for simple wireframes. Edraw software is an economic and quality software for making simple wireframes. Refer to these links to have a try.

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