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Posted by James Freeman | 02/04/2021

Part 1: MindMaster - Versatile Mind Mapping Tool

MindMaster is free mind map software with rich examples and clipart, which make it easy for beginners to create mind maps, brainstorming diagrams, presentations, project Gantt charts, SWOT analysis, and concept maps. It can visualize your thoughts, arrange and organize your ideas quickly, and show you a big picture of what you are learning or working at.

Part 2: Ready-Made Clipart for Mind Maps

MindMaster offers 13 kinds of clipart, and you can use them to decorate your mind maps. You can insert clipart into different parts of a topic or add it on the blank area of the page. The ready-made clipart is very useful when it comes to visual representations and presentations for kids.

Ready-Made Clipart for Mind Maps

Part 3: Beautiful Themes and Examples

Choose a blank template and style the map with the predefined 33 themes. You can customize the mind map exactly how you want it to be. MindMaster provides various editing and formatting tools to help you create attractive mind maps easily.

Beautiful Themes

When you open MindMaster, you will see 39 handsome mind map examples in the gallery. Pick one of the ready-made mind map examples created by our designers and make your own personalized mind map.

 Built-In Examples

To efficiently create a mind map, it is best to start work from the pre-defined mind map examples.

Part 4: Smart Layout & Abundant Structures

Except for mind maps, you can also make tree diagrams, org charts, fishbone diagrams, timelines, circular maps, bubble maps and sector maps in MindMaster. This mind mapping software offeres 17 kinds of diagram layouts for different usages.

For example, you have created a mind map of cost-benefits analysis, and you want a right-sided diagram. However, you don't need to move the topics on the left side one by one. Find the layout menu and choose the fourth one. The diagram will be changed automatically.

mind map layout

Part 5: Easy Mind Mapping Techniques

When you start to use MindMaster, you will find how easy it is for beginners to build mind maps with one-click actions and customizable keyboard shortcuts. You can insert relationship line, summary topic, callout, hyperlink, attachment, note, comment, picture, formula and table in the mind map to enrich the presentation.

mind map techniques

Besides, MindMaster supports to customize keyboard shortcuts. Whether you are left-handed or have your own habits, our mind mapping software will take your user experience as the top priority.

customizable keyboard shortcuts

Part 6: Powerful Import & Export Features

If you have written down your thoughts and ideas on other mind mapping software, you can easily import the files into MindMaster. Alternatively, you have used markdown, HTML, or Word files to organize important things and want to convert them into mind maps. Then you must try MindMaster, which can transform your well-structured document into a creative and engaging mind map with just one click.

Once you have finished your mind map or other diagrams in MindMaster, you can save and export the document into another commonly-used file formats, including graphics, PDF, Word, HTML, and MindManager.

Import & Export Features

Part 7: Available on Multiple Devices

Equipped with a wide variety of features, MindMaster is also cross-platform and runs on all available operating systems, including Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web. You can choose one platform to work on and access all your files on any device or anywhere (signing in to your account is required).

Available on Multiple Devices

Free Download Popular Mind Map Templates Online

Choose from a large variety of mind map templates for business, education, and life tips. Download any of the templates for your use.