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Best Mind Mapping Tool for Teachers

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/07/2019
A good mind mapping tool can assist teachers to make their courses easier to follow in class. Utilize this mind mapping tool can ensure that teachers can make themselves well understood by the students. This article extends a great mind map tool for teachers to use in the classroom.

Organizing the main points of the course is an important yet a tough task for teachers. Not being able to deliver your speech in a logical way may cause confusion to the students. In addition, mind maps can also help the students to understand the connections between different points.

Best Mind Mapping Tool for Teachers

Edraw is the best mindmappingtoolforteachersandeducation.Duetoitsautomaticfeatures,teacherscansavelotsoftimewhendrawingamindmap.Forexample,itcanaddsub-topicsbyasimpleclickofthemouse.What's more, teachers can add images, remarks and links whenever needed. With a large variety of vivid symbols of different colors to replace boring words, students' attention will be focused on the class topic. This makes Edraw an awesome mind mapping tool for teachers.

For teachers, mind mapping tool can be used for:

Here is an example:

Mind Map for Teachers Example

Download Mind Maps for Teachers Templates in PDF Format

Download Mind Maps for Teachers Templates in Editable Format

How Mind Mapping Tool Can Help Teachers


Teachers can use mind map to prepare curriculum for class. The following example gives a clear demonstration what should be placed on a class curriculum.

Teaching Curriculum Mind Map

During Class

  1. Mind maps can be used for brainstorming in class. This will encourage students to take active participant in class and come up with creative ideas while keep the class organized and focused.
  2. A mind map can help teachers to interact with students while doing a presentation, this can greatly develop students' communication skills. Students can easily get bored when the teacher doing a presentation, but with the help of colorful and vivid mind maps, students will become more interested in the topic.

Mind Map for Presentation

After Class

  1. Teacher can print out the mind maps then have created on Edraw and hand them out to students. Students can use them as review material.
  2. Students of this generation are used to digital technologies. They will be willing to work together as a group on an assignment while using mind maps. To them, this is not just homework, but instead a fun activity.

Teachers benefit a lot with mind mapping tool. This can help them reassure that the students are focused on the lesson. With all the capabilities of Edraw mentioned above, there is no doubt that this is a great mind mapping tool for teachers.

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