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Why EdrawMax to Create Your Wireframes?

Wireframes for every need

Design website layouts:: Wireframes are primarily used for planning the design and layout of a website. Before the web developers start working on creating the actual webpage, wireframes are used as the blueprints.

Plan UI/UX designs: Similarly, when UI/UX designers are coming up with a mobile application or computer software, they first plan out the appearance and look of the whole thing by coming up with a wireframe.

Help information architecture: An information architect has to plan out where to place all the text and data. High-fidelity wireframes can be helpful for this sort of planning.

for every need

Create wireframes is a breeze

Templates available at a click: One of the best features that EdrawMax offers for easy diagramming is the Template Community. All you have to do is go to the app, select a template you like, and edit it as your own.

Diverse symbol libraries: If you feel inclined to take up the helm and design everything yourself, you can use more than 10,000 shapes, symbols, and charts in your work to make it detailed and intricate.

Easy drag-and-drop interface: With EdrawMax, all you have to do is add symbols to your canvas by clicking on your desired item and then dragging it over to the point where you want to place it.

create with EdrawMax

Collaborate with team
on the fly

Work with the team: The first perk that you get to use with EdrawMax is the Team feature. Create group projects and set file-sharing permissions to enable multiple users to work on a single file.

Export to different formats: But what if some people in the group do not use the software? In that case, you can export the file to a format of your choice and send it via email or message.

Wide OS compatibility: The downloadable version is supported on all three major operating systems, namely Mac, Windows, and Linux. The web version can be run from any device with web browsers.


Present and preview without any complexity

Get an unobstructed view: Press F5 to enter the full-screen mode. You can set the different levels of zoom from the bottom right menu. You can also press the "Play" icon and start a slideshow.

Present only what you need to: When creating slides with EdrawMax, you can choose what parts of your drawing you want to show and which ones to exclude by adjusting the selection box.


More Features Of Wireframe Tool

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I have been using EdrawMax for almost two years and have created many wireframes for my mobile applications. This wireframe software supports very good editing support and allows creating and editing a wireframe as required. EdrawMax allows the creation and exchange of professional diagrams, and since the interface is organized professionally, it allows the UI/UX designers to navigate from one feature to another without any problems. It has a great variety of tools and functions that allow you through keyboard shortcuts to establish a workflow.

EdrawMax is suitable for any company that deals in creating wireframe designs for websites or mobile applications. Since one can easily create a wireframe, it provides UI/UX developers with significant time savings. I personally enjoy those wireframe software that is easy to navigate, and EdrawMax gives me the space to think, brainstorm, and collaborate with my core development team. This wireframe software also offers numerous templates and varieties of diagrams, making it a versatile tool. I highly recommend it.

EdrawMax is an innovative and instrumental tool to graphically illustrate processes and communication flows, as well as collaborate with your teammates. I personally love that this wireframe software is easy to use and adaptable to so many purposes. Since wireframing requires the insertion of various shapes and symbols, this wireframe software offers all. I recently recommended EdrawMax to one of my designer friends, who instantly loved the feasibility of this tool and instantly incorporated it for one of his ongoing projects.

Edraw Wireframe Templates

Website Wireframe Template
Website Wireframe Template
A website wireframe template is a two-dimensional illustration of a website’s interface that prioritizes content and available functionalities.
iPhone Wireframe Template
iPhone Wireframe Template
An iPhone wireframe template is a visual guide representing the iPhone app layout and the flow between multiple screens.
Android Wireframe Template
Android Wireframe Template
Android wireframes template helps you showcase your android app design to customers or your clients.
iPad Wireframe Template
iPad Wireframe Template
An iPad wireframe template clarifies consistent ways for displaying particular types of information on the user interface.
Wireframe Template
Wireframe Template
A wireframe template is helpful to designers to think and communicate about the structure of the software or website.
Desktop Wireframe Template
Desktop Wireframe Template
A desktop wireframe template is used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of the desktop page before content is added.

Wireframe FAQs

Wireframe software helps designers and product managers create and mold low-fidelity designs for websites, mobile apps, and other types of user experiences. Wireframes usually focus on the structure and content rather than the flashy color and movement.
There are standard elements included on a wireframe: "Logo", "Search field", "Breadcrumb", "Headers", "Navigation systems", "Body content", "Share buttons", "Contact information", and "Footer".
You can save your wireframes in your personal cloud provided by Edraw (sign-in required). All information and file transfers are safeguarded with the highest level of SSL encryption. You can log in to your Edraw account anywhere and download your wireframes instantly.
Except for the pre-made wireframe templates in EdrawMax, you can download and customize wireframe templates from our Template Community. All the published wireframe templates are free to use for Edrawers.
YES! It is free to create wireframes for websites, mobile appin EdrawMax. There are free templates and design elements for making wireframes. Just download it and try EdrawMax now. You will love it right now.

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