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If you’re a part of a growing company and are looking for a newsletter software for Linux that can easily design and send newsletters, check out Edraw.

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication used by organizations or owners of a Web site to communicate with their readers. It serves numerous purposes, such as disseminating information, motivating performance, promoting unity, improving morale, supplementing company records, etc.

Overview of Linux Newsletter Software

Edraw newsletter software for Linux is an easy to use but powerful program which provides users a simple drag-and-drop system and enables them to design their newsletters with several clicks. And users are allowed to save and export the newsletter to common formats which are convenient to share.

Newsletter Software for Linux

System Requirements

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo and More.

Incomparable Features of Newsletter Software for Linux

1. It is compatible with Microsoft and has a similar layout with it, very easy to use.
2. A variety of newsletter elements are provided and classified into different groups for users to drag-and-drop.
3. Users are allowed to get a quick start by creating a new newsletter based on built-in newsletter templates.
4. Users are permitted to design special symbols suit them best with embedded drawing tools.
5. It is convenient to share newsletters with others because of its real-time collaboration and multiple file formats import & export.
6. Users are free to enjoy a live update once buying a lifetime license with a cheap price.

Free Download Newsletter Software to Create Awesome Newsletter on Linux Easily:

Built-in Editable Newsletter Symbols

Following are part of newsletter elements provided by Linux newsletter software and they grouped into different categories for ready reference. Users can easily edit them to fit various situations or free design their own symbols with the embedded drawing tool if necessary.

Newsletter Symbols

Simple Steps to Create Newsletter on Linux Quickly

Here briefly lists 6 drawing steps about how to design newsletters on Linux. Or click How to Create Newsletter step-by-step to view detailed steps.

Step 1.Start Edraw, go to Presentation and double click Newsletter under templates to open a blank drawing page.

Open A Newsletter Drawing Page

Step 2.Navigate to Page Layout tab and set the page size to your needs.

Set Newsletter Page Size

Step 3.Set the layout grid by dragging guide lines from horizontal and vertical rulers.

Set Layout Grid

Step 4.Add contents and insert pictures to make newsletter more appealing and beautiful.

Add Contents and Pictures

Step 5.Switch to Page Layout and click Fit to Drawing to lay out the newsletter.

Fit to Drawing

5 Golden Tips for Creating Successful Newsletters

A successful newsletter can boost your audience engagement, help you retain customers, and provide opportunities for cross-selling. But, how to make this kind of newsletter? There are some golden tips that ring true across the board.

  1. Keep It Short
  2. Don’t dump all the information you want to share into one newsletter. Because if your newsletter is too long, customers will get tired of scrolling, then they might miss something great at the bottom.

  3. Make It Easy to Digest
  4. Break up the newsletter into chunks, using headlines and images to make a product that is easy to scan and highlight the main points.

  5. Know That Image Is Everything
  6. As is well-known that people are easy to be attracted by beautiful images rather than long boring texts. Don’t forget to insert eye-catching pictures and edit them to web-friendly size.

  7. Be Consistent
  8. If you want to keep your customers getting used to your newsletter cadence, be consistent about when you send them, including frequency, day of the week, and time of day.

  9. Do Proof-Read before Sending
  10. Be sure to proofread every inch of newsletter before sending it out. Even a small mistake may ruin this newsletter even your company.

Newsletter Examples

Following are three newsletter examples created by our newsletter software for Linux. People who are interested in them can freely download them and customize it to their own newsletters.

Company Newsletter Template

This is a common newsletter for company introduction. People who are sending company newsletter but get little feedback may try this template.

Company Newsletter Template

School Newsletter Template

Below is an interesting school newsletter template with animal pictures which catches much attention of students. People who are in need can download it and edit it for free.

School Newsletter Template

Product Newsletter Template

This is a simple blank product newsletter template with some designs. If any interest, just download it and add your contents.

Product Newsletter Template

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