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EdrawProj - An all-in-one project management tool to plan, manage, and track tasks, processes, costs, and resources.
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  • Time Management
  • Task Management
  • Resource Management
  • Process Management
  • Project Report
  • Customization

Manage Time Efficiently

Take control of your schedule and maximize productivity by setting up a personal project calendar and using it for various projects, ensuring that you stay on track and meet deadlines.

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Breaks Down Complex Tasks With Ease

Dissect complex tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks, establish dependencies, and set up information across various dimensions with our powerful Gantt chart maker for efficient process management.

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Get Reports for Resource Usage

Want to have a plain view of resource status? EdrawProj provides a special view for summarizing the info of your project's resrouces.

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Simplify Work With User-friendly Interface

Prioritize tasks, change start dates and duration of tasks with our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Set up dependencies with a click. With EdrawProj, anyone can create and manage professional Gantt charts effortlessly.

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Generate a Report with a Click, Show Project Info in Sheets

Easily share task information, cost calculations, and working hours by exporting data sheets for seamless collaboration and communication among team members.

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Design a Unique and Stylish Gantt Chart

Track the status of each project through their colors. Coloring tools in EdrawProj make it easy to distinguish project status, with green typically used to indicate completed projects, gray for delayed ones, and red critical ones.

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More Features of EdrawProj

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Add Milestones

Add important milestones to your plan to mark significant events and other decision points.
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Compare your initial plan and the project’s actual progress with a baseline to avoid any delay.
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Task Link

Set up dependencies between tasks so one can’t start until the others has been completed.
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Critical Path

Use a critical path to indicate the minimum time required to complete a project.
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Export a Gantt chart in editable formats including Word, Excel, and PDF.
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Insert website URLs, attachments like folders or PDF documents to your Gantt charts.

Why Choose EdrawProj over Others?


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Use cases
iconDaily work
iconProfessional project management
iconProfessional project management
iconAll professions
iconProject manager, project members
iconProject managers, project members, individuals
Support for Gantt chart
iconOne of its supported diagram types
iconCore diagram type
Statistical formulas
iconNeeds manual entering of statistical formulas
iconHas built-in statistical formulas
iconHas built-in statistical formulas
Time cost for learning and use
iconNeeds time to make and maintain project files
iconNeeds time to learn
Systems Supported
iconWindows, Mac
iconWindows, Mac, Linux

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EdrawProj (Edraw Project) is a user-friendly project management tool that lets you quickly create customized Gantt charts. But then it goes beyond, helping you schedule all of your activities, oversee each aspect of your project, and actively track your progress.
Setting up a project can take just a few minutes and it's a great way to get familiar with the intuitive interface. Lay out tasks in a basic way or assign any number of variables to each: priority level, resources needed, deadlines, cost—the list goes on.
Through the software, you can easily set up tasks, measure progress, track your resources, and estimate budgets in one workflow. EdrawProj (Edraw Project) can also help you optimize the allocation of staff and calculate the overall performance of your project.

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