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Interactive chart maker allows you to create a large variety of charts by dragging and dropping interactive chart templates. It can also generate charts from CSV or Excel data with 1 click.

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Easy Interactive Chart Maker

Chart maker provides a super easy method to make column, bar, pie, line, area, scatter, spider and gauges charts. It contains built-in chart templates which can be easily edited through button clicking. Data import is also available. It makes data visualization extraordinarily easy and visually engaging.

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chart and graph symbols

Basic Chart Design Symbols

We have separate libraries for different chart and graph types so that you can draw a certain type of chart by only opening the corresponding symbol library. Our symbol libraries for charts and graphs include bar, pie doughnut, column, line, area, spider, scatter, bubble, gauges, and comparison chart symbols. Each type comes in a wide variety of styles.

How to Create Charts

Chart maker offers an advanced and highly automated method to draw charts and graphs. It gives you an extensive collection of starting templates with quick edit buttons to personalize data and appearance. For example, through the action button you can at 1 click set the category and series number, choose to show or hide legend and axis, change the axis tick number and category interval. Besides, you can also create charts and graphs in a much easier way by importing data form other files.
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Abundant Chart Examples

Lots of well-build charts and graphs examples are provided both in the software and on our website. Our examples not only guide you how to take good use of the software, but also provide some ideas and clues for your chart design. If you find any chart has the style you want to make, you can simply download and use it as your own template. Chart maker helps you create the best charts and graphs while taking the minimum time.

Available Chart Types

All the chart types below have special symbols and templates in our chart maker. Choose the exact template to start your design.


Your Ultimate Charts and Graphs Maker!

Enjoy an interactive way to create charts and graphs with this automatic chart maker. It lets you make presentation-quality charts with the least effort and share with others by exporting to lots of formats. Try it today!
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