General Diagram Types - Overview

Edraw defines some general diagram types, and divides them into twelve categories. Every diagram type has specific shapes and examples.

Types of Business Diagram

Audit Diagram     Basic Flowchart     Brainstorming Diagram     Cause and Effect (Fishbone)   

Circular Diagram     Charts and Graphs     Data Flow Diagram     Event-Driven Process Chain

Fault Tree Analysis    List    Marketing Charts and Diagrams     Mind Map     Onion Diagram     Checklist

Process    Total Quality Management diagram     Classical Workflow     Work Flow Diagram

Value Stream Mapping     Venn Diagram     Gear Diagram     Pie Diagram     Target Diagram     Radial Diagram      Ladder Diagram

Types of Flowchart

Basic Flowchart     Business Process Modeling Notation      Swimlane Flowchart

Cross Functional Flowchart     Data Flow Diagram     IDEF0     Highlight Flowchart    Process

Work Flow Diagram    SDL Diagram

Types of Project Management Diagram

PERT Chart    Timeline    Matrix Diagram     Gantt Chart     Calendar    House of Quality

QFD    WBS    Decision Tree

Types of Software Diagram

UML Model Diagram     Win 7 UI Design      Booch OOD     SSADM Diagram

COM and OLE     Data Flow Model Diagram     Enterprise Application     NS Diagram

Jacobson Use Case     Jackson Software Diagram     Program Flowchart     Room Diagram

Program Structure Diagram      Shlaer-Mellor OOA      Yourdon and Coad Diagram

Architecture Diagram

Types of Network Diagram

3D Network Diagram     Basic Network Diagram     Detail Network Diagram     Logical Network Diagram

Cisco Network Diagram

Types of Organizational Chart

Basic Organizational Chart     Photo Organizational Chart     Family Tree     Functional Organizational Chart

Hierarchical Organizational Chart

Types of Business Form

Business Card     Fax Cover Sheet     Flyer Design     Invoice     Sales Form

Leaflet     Page Layouts    Expense Report    Quote Form    Inventory List

Types of Presentation

Business Plan     Newsletter     Brochure     Banner     Label

Leaflet     Certificate     PowerPoint Presentation

Types of Engineering Diagram

Basic Electrical Diagram     Circuits and Logic Diagram     Industrial Control Systems     Systems Diagram

Types of Floor Plan

Floor Plan     Home Plan     Office Layout     Electrical and Telecom Plan     Wardrobe Plan

Interior Design     Landscaping Design     Seating Plan     Security and Access Plan     HVAC Plan

Fire and Emergency Plan     Reflected Ceiling Plan     Plumbing and Piping Plan     Elevation Design

Wine Cellar Plan     Home Wiring Plan    Wallpaper Design

Types of Six Sigma

SIPOC     Value Stream Map     Cause and Effect     Scatter Plot

RACI Diagram     PDCA Cycle     QFD Diagram     Brainstorming Diagram

Types of Maps

Directional Map     3D Directional Map     Geo Map     Conceptual Web Site     Web Site Map    Subway Map

Types of Science Illustration

Mechanics Diagram     Optics Diagram     Chemistry Equation Diagram

Laboratory Equipment Diagram     Molecular Model Diagram     Mathematics Illustration

Human Organs    Cells    Astronomy    Flash Cards    Worksheet

Types of Database Diagram

Chen ERD     Database Model Diagram     Express-G     Martin ERD     ORM Diagram

Other Types

Infographics   Wallpaper    Tree Chart

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