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Why EdrawMax to Make Your Wiring Diagrams?

In the line of wire

Visualize your circuits: Visualize your devices, connections, and power sources to see how your circuit course works. It is the most critical tool in troubleshooting to pinpoint the source of disaster.

Optimum performance: Improve your circuit's performance and power use with a well-designed wiring diagram.

Avoid bottlenecks: Identify and remove blockages by analyzing your wiring diagram and assessing your circuit's performance by visualizing it.

for every need

Creating wiring diagrams is
a breeze

Quick-start templates: Make use of the professional experience of experts by building your wiring diagrams with templates available in the EdrawMax wiring diagram software.

Extensive symbol library: Use an exhaustive collection of symbols, icons, and connectors available in EdrawMax wiring diagram software for more accurate and widely accepted diagrams.

Intelligent tools: Auto-alignment, smart formatting, and simple drag-and-drop layout make EdrawMax user-friendly and easy to use.

create with EdrawMax

Diagram together with your team

Work on the cloud: Share your wiring diagrams through the cloud to give access to your team. You can assign team members specific permissions to access, edit, and create files with a security mechanism.

Multiple export options: Export your wiring diagrams in multiple formats, including PPTX, PDF, JPEG, and other portable formats for easy distribution of your files.

Version history: Review and restore previous versions of your files using the built-in version control in the EdrawMax wiring diagram software.


Present and print
with ease

Print right away. : Print high-quality images or PDF files for easy access and distribution of your diagrams.

Present in full screen. : Present your diagrams in full screen by clicking the F5 key from the EdrawMax UI without hopping between different apps.


More Features Of Wiring Diagram Software

Visio file import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color themes
File encryption and backup

I am a budding entrepreneur venturing into small electronic devices. EdrawMax is my holy grail wiring diagram software that helps me examine and assess the circuit performance for my solutions. It's great and affordable.

EdrawMax is an excellent drawing software for almost all types of diagrams in our business. We use PERT charts, supply chain paths, organizational plans, and graphs for our documentation and presentations. Very good value for money, indeed.

A great tool, very robust, has intelligent tools, is easy to use, and has great well-stocked symbol collections. Good job, guys.

How to Make a Wiring Diagram?

Edraw Wiring Diagram Templates

3 Way Switch Wiring Diagram
3 Way Switch Wiring Diagram
The 3-way switch wiring diagram supports building wiring multiway switching that shows the interconnection of two or more electrical switches.
Light Switch Wiring Diagram
Light Switch Wiring Diagram
A light switch wiring diagram represents a circuit's components and wire connections. It usually contains a junction box, an electrical panel, wires, and a light bulb.
Alternator Wiring Diagram
Alternator Wiring Diagram
An alternator is a critical unit in the car's engine. The alternator wiring diagram shows the electricity panels, electrical supply for vehicles, and the battery.
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram
A ceiling fan wiring diagram is a comprehensive circuit diagram that shows the fan its connection with the power source and the switch.
House Wiring Diagram
House Wiring Diagram
The home wiring diagram is very important and comes in very handy when you need to troubleshoot any issue in your house's electrical fittings.
Doorbell Wiring Diagram
Doorbell Wiring Diagram
The doorbell wiring diagram shows the relationship and connections between the doorbell, push-button, and the electric power source.

Wiring Diagram FAQs

Except for the pre-made wiring diagram templates in EdrawMax, you can download and customize wiring diagram templates from our Template Community. All the community-made wiring diagram templates are free to use for Edrawers.
When your wiring diagram is complete, you can post it on social media, publish on Edraw Template Community, or export the file as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG. EdrawMax is dedicated to delivering a superior user experience.
No worries. You can find wiring diagram symbols by searching in the preset symbol libraries. You will see and use all the pre-made wiring diagram symbols in EdrawMax.
You can create a wiring diagram from scratch by dragging and dropping symbols from the libraries. All the symbols in EdrawMax are vector symbols editable and catered to different types of wiring diagrams.
YES! It is free to create different wiring diagrams in EdrawMax. There are free templates, symbols, and editing tools for making wiring diagrams. Just download it and try EdrawMax now. You will love it right now.

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