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Why EdrawMax to Make Your Flyers?

Get your business the attention it deserves

Gain exposure to new customers: When you create a flyer for your business, you can make it available to people who might not know your company, which is a great way to expand your business.

Increase sales: If you want to increase your sales, you should use flyers. Your clients will be able to see what you have to offer.

Create a memorable experience: Your flyers will help you tell the story of your company. You can do this by highlighting the unique features of your company and your products.

for every need

Make attractive flyers effortlessly

Quick-start templates: EdrawMax includes a set of pre-designed templates specifically designed for various projects. You can choose a template that you like and start working.

Rich elements: EdrawMax comes with various design elements to help you create stunning graphics. You'll be able to use shapes, lines, text, images, and more to make your flyers.

Drag-and-drop design tools: The software includes a collection of easy-to-use vector and raster graphics that you can drag and drop onto your design canvas. You can use them as building blocks for your designs.

create with EdrawMax

Easy to retrace and share with others

Version history: Provide a complete version history and you can quickly go back to any previous version of your files to make changes and corrections.

Multi-export pptions: It supports all popular file formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS. It can also export the files to your email, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts.

Multi-share pptions: You can share your content on your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to share your content with your colleagues, clients, and friends in just a few clicks.


Print and present your ideas

High-quality printing tools: Make it easy to print professional-quality graphics and share your drawings on the web, in PDF format, on CD, on paper, or on a projector screen.

Embed on site or file: Let you embed any graphic you create directly onto a website or into any file, so you can easily share your designs with colleagues and clients.

Present in full-screen mode: Allow your audience to see the whole diagram simultaneously. You can even move the diagram around the screen and zoom in to see the details.


More Features Of Flyer Maker

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

EdrawMax is a software program designed to help graphic designers and other creative professionals create high-quality visual content faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. It's like having a graphic design team on your side, helping you create beautiful works.

I have used the software to create over 500 graphics in the last few years, and it is a simple tool. It's easy to use and does what it is supposed to do. I also like that it is easy to update. So if I make a mistake, I can easily make changes. It is also very affordable and one of the best tools.

Once you get used to the interface and its work, it is very easy to use. You can create beautiful designs quickly and easily, even if you have never created a graphic design before. In addition, the software allows you to save your creations as PDF files to print them out and use them as templates.

How to Make a Flyer?

Edraw Flyer Templates

Simple Flyer
Simple Flyer
This is the most basic theme. It has a minimalist design that will help you create a simple and clean flyer and is suitable for simple projects.
Flyer Design
Flyer Design
It includes all the basic features of a standard flyer, such as a large headline, a description, and a photo. You can add a map, add a contact form, and a call to action.
Business Flyer
Business Flyer
This template is designed to help you create a business flyer for your company to help promote your company, business, products, and services.
Party Flyer
Party Flyer
The party template is perfect for creating flyers and other print media for a party, party invitation, or other events.
Birthday Flyer
Birthday Flyer
If you are planning a birthday party, this is the perfect theme. You can choose from various colors and add special effects to your flyers.
Yoga Flyer
Yoga Flyer
You can use it to promote your yoga class, studio, or business.

Flyer FAQs

Except for the pre-made flyer templates in EdrawMax, you can download and customize templates from our Template Community. All the community-made templates are free to use for Edrawers.
When your flyer is complete, you can post it on social media, publish on Edraw Template Community, or export the file as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG. EdrawMax is dedicated to delivering a superior user experience.
No worries. You can find flyer symbols by opening and searching in the preset symbol libraries of EdrawMax.
You can create a flyer from scratch by dragging and dropping symbols from the libraries and customizing colors, fonts, lines, etc. All the symbols in EdrawMax are vector, editable, and catered to different types of flyers.
YES! It is free to create different flyers in EdrawMax. There are free templates, symbols, and easy-to-use editing tools for making flyers. Just download it and try EdrawMax now. You will love it right now.

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