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Posted by James Freeman | 01/13/2021

Part 1: What is Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

Comparing and contrasting things is a vital skill that students need to develop in elementary and middle schools. Using a compare and contrast graphic organizer will help students engage in deep thinking and learn how to use a graphic organizer to see similarities and differences between two items or concepts. There are many templates that can be used to compare and contrast, and the most common one is Venn charts.

Part 2: How to Create a Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

Step 1: Launch EdrawMax on your computer. Navigate to Graphic Organzier > Compare and Contrast. Open a compare and contrast diagram example or a blank drawing page.

Compare and Contrast

Step 2: After you get into the workspace of EdrawMax, you can drag and drop the symbols that you need onto the canvas to make your own diagram. There are also a lot of handy and useful editing and formatting tools that can help you change styles of the diagram.

make compare contrast

Step 3: When you complete your diagram, you can export it to JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, or HTML file formats. You can also share your drawings with people who don't use EdrawMax and publish them.

save and export file in EdrawMax

Part 3: Free Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer Templates

Listed below are a variety of graphic organizers that everyone can use to compare and contrast some things. You can choose any suitable template or save all the files to edit in EdrawMax.

Template 1 - Venn Chart

Whether you use it to make curriculum plans or print it out as worksheets, this Venn chart will definitely be of great help. Click the picture to download and learn more about using Venn diagrams for teaching. Venn Chart Examples >>

Venn Chart

Template 2 - Compare and Contrast Worksheet

This compare and contrast worksheet is simple but very useful. You can print it out and let students fill in the blank areas when you teach them to differentiate two concepts or items. If you want to change the number of text boxes in the "different" part, you can download the EDDX file of the template and edit it in EdrawMax.

Compare and Contrast Worksheet

Template 3 - Compare and Contrast with Topics

This cute comparison and contrast diagram template is great to be used in PPT presentations and worksheets. It will make students' homework interesting and enjoyable. Come and click the picture to download the PDF or EDDX file.

Compare and Contrast with Topics

Template 4 - Compare and Contrast Chart for Students

This simple compare and contrast chart template is also very useful in teaching. Quickly download it from our website and use it in your class.

Compare and Contrast Chart for Students

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