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Why EdrawMax to Draw Your Concept Maps?

Idea management
will be easy

Easy brainstorming: Brainstorm and organize individuals and teams’ ideas and turn them into a structured system.

Easy connecting: Recognize and detect the connections among different knowledge to practice your logical thinking.

Easy editing: Update all concepts anytime with just simple clicks and replacements.

idea management

Everyone will be satisfied

For diagram beginners: 1500+ professional and user-generated templates and 26,000 drag and drop symbols are provided for you to get started easily.

For experienced experts: Meet all your professional needs! Make your concept map stands out with highly customized functions. You can also get your concept maps done faster by using intelligent formatting.

template center

Collaboration will be seamlessly

Effective Team Management: Keep your team together by adding team members to an online group and allocating viewing and editing authority on the same canvas.

Multiple platform Sharing: Edraw concept map maker allows you to share your outstanding concept maps to almost every social media.

Powerful file compatibility: Support importing and exporting almost all file types, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, and many other graphic formats.


Presentation will be smooth

Smarter than smart: Auto-create your presentation slides with EdrawMax! You can select, emphasize and present every aspect in your slides. Presentations haven’t been easier than ever.

Presentation mode: No more exportation and switching between software. Just click F5 to start EdrawMax’s presentation mode and show your concept map to the public!


More Features Of Concept Map Maker

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

EdrawMax is a powerful drawing tool that has more than enough features, templates, and examples for its users to accomplish any task they set out to achieve. There’s no diagram or chart that EdrawMax can not handle.

EdrawMax provides professional solutions for organizations and individuals. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to draw any type of diagrams. Also, it contains massive free templates, which helped us save time from creation. This software will always let users remain a step ahead of others.

EdrawMax is the versatile diagram software that integrate 100% functionality and libraries of all other drawing products. EdrawMax have better overall options for business presentations and value.

Edraw Concept Map Templates

nursing concept map
Nursing Concept Map
A concept map helps you explain the concept of osteoarthritis nursing care and management.
blank concept map
Blank Concept Map
A blank concept map template helps you get started much quicker than the other.
biology concept map
Biology Concept Map
A biology concept map template provides a strategy that reflects integrative learning's central premise.
cycle concept map
Cycle Concept Map
A Cycle concept map template is available to download and edit free in vector format.
marketing concept map
Marketing Concept Map
A marketing concept map template enables users to visualize marketing concept without any drawing skills.
mechanics concept map
Mechanics Concept Map
A concept map template about mechanics helps you see the whole concept when learning new materials.

Concept Map FAQs

A concept map can explain a complex concept by focusing on different elements and establishing a relationship between them. It is considered a resourceful visual tool that is easy to make and can depict relationships between multiple topics at a glance.
On the right panel of EdrawMax, you can find tons of professional shapes and symbols that you can just drag and drop to the canvas. You can also import your own shapes to your project by visiting the “My Library” section.
Yes, you can adjust your concept map as you want! With EdrawMax, you can edit almost every aspect of the concept map, including fonts, connections, colors, themes and etc.
3500+ professional and user-generated templates are provided in the EdrawMax template center. You can access them by downloading the EdrawMax desktop version or visiting our website.
Yes! It is 100% free to use! After you download EdrawMax, you can create your concept map by picking up a template from the template center or getting started on the new canvas.
No problem! It is easy to keep your team on the same page with EdrawMax. You can share your file through a link that allows your teammate to view or edit.
Here is a much easier way to make a concept map. You can create your concept map with EdrawMax and simply export them into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files.
EdrawMax is a perfect Visio alternative supporting importing and exporting of almost every Visio file format. You can import and edit your Visio file in EdrawMax seamlessly. It also allows batch import Visio files which convert Visio files to Edraw files from a folder. After you finish, you can also export it as a Visio file.

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