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Vocabulary Study Graphic Organizers - Free Templates

> Edraw Example > Vocabulary Study Graphic Organizers - Free Templates
Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 02/11/2022
Vocabulary graphic organizers with various styles in PDF are available to free download and print. Help students understand new vocabulary using these graphic organizers.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizers for Word Study

Use vocabulary graphic organizers as a tool to introduce new vocabulary words or to do a quiz. With these organizers, students can have a deeper understanding of the word, knowing the meaning of the word, what are the root, prefix, and suffix, identifying the part of speech, finding the synonyms and antonyms, and building sentences by themselves.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Download PDF or Editable File

The blank vocabulary graphic organizers, word maps, or word study charts are provided with both PDF and editable formats. If any of the example templates doesn't fit your purpose or there is something that needs to be modified, you can install an Edraw graphic organizer software to edit these files. Actually, with abundant pre-made shapes and templates for making graphic organizers in Edraw, you can create custom adorable graphic organizers on your own within just a few minutes.


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Free Vocabulary Graphic Organizers Templates

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Template 1 - Flower and Clouds

I'm sure you will love this cute template, so will the students! It will be a wonderful experience to write on the cloud, the petal, and the leaves. Click the picture to switch to the download page.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Template 2 - Blank Word Map

When teaching students about new vocabulary, it's more important for them to analyze the word independently, and let them identify the word meaning, part of speech, and word formation by themselves. In this way, they will have a more profound understanding. Get started with this blank word map.

Blank Word Map

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Template 3 - Word Study Chart

This word study chart can be downloaded and printed immediately. It's a great resource for teachers looking to inspire their students to think and analyze new words. You have both PDF and EDDX files to choose. The EDDX file is editable, but only if you have installed Edraw on your computer.

Word Study Chart

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Template 4 - Vocabulary Study

This vocabulary study graphic organizer is suitable for upper primary school students or middle school students. You can use it as worksheet or assessment item to examine students' word study.

Vocabulary Study Graphic Organizer

How to Create Vocabulary Graphic Organizers?

Creating a vocabulary graphic organizer for study is not difficult at all. Watch the following video and start drawing yours in no time!

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