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Brainstorming Software - Create Brainstorming Diagrams Rapidly from Templates

> Mind Map > Brainstorming Software - Create Brainstorming Diagrams Rapidly from Templates
Posted by Janice | 11/27/2020
Brainstorming Software - Create mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, problem solving, rational analysis, and decision marking.

What Is Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a creativity technique in which ideas are generated in order to solve a problem. The main result of a brainstorm session is a solution to a problem. The solution can be an idea which is a complete solution to the problem. It can be a list of ideas, leading to an approach to a subsequent solution of the problem. Or it can be a list of ideas resulting into a plan to find the final answer. Brainstorming was originated by Alex Osborn. A good brainstorming diagram is an excellent tool to help your team arrive at the best ideas and plans. Brainstorming diagrams help you develop any system of related ideas or information by showing interrelationships among topics in a hierarchy. They improve clear associative thinking and communication, which encourages creativity and problem solving.

Brainstorming Software

MindMaster is a quick and easy mind mapping software for creating great-looking mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, problems solving, rational analysis, tasks managing, notes taking and decision marking.

Brainstorming Software

Free Download Brainstorming Software and View All Templates

Brainstorming Function
How to Use
Ideas collection Board
market analysis ideas
  • Like the traditional brainstorming, you can record your ideas one by one on this collection board.
  • The font size and the width of the collection board are alterable.
  • You can hide the collection board when you don't need it.
Ideas Bullets Coloring
market analysis color
  • Ideas can be marked as different color.
  • The color can be customized.
  • You can delete ideas in batches of the same color.
Pen and Eraser
brainstorming function zone
  • Color pencil, rectangle, ellipse are available for you to use.
  • The laser pen can be used as the moving cursor.
  • You can clear the marks with the eraser.


  • You can set a time for the brainstorming.
  • You can hide the timer form the canvas.

How to Proceed a Brainstorming With MindMaster?

1. The Preparation

Open MindMaster and start "Brainstorming" function.

brainstorming icon zone

2. Write Down The Topic

Brainstorming is a full-screen mode, the ideas board opens automatically on the left side. Write down the topic on the canvas and start timing. We take "how to do a market analysis" for example.

market analysis canvas

3. Collect Ideas to The Collection Board

The host announces the begin of brainstorming and everyone expresses themselves freely within a limited time. During this time host records everyone's ideas on the left side ideas collection zone. Also, if necessary, the host can mark ideas with different colors vary from participants.

Symbols for Mind Map

4. Filter and Combine Ideas

Combine the related ideas together and delete some repeating and impossible options. Analyze and discuss the ideas and then to divide them into different groups. To learn more about How to Run a Brainstorming Session: A Step-by-Step Guide.

market analysis group

market analysis group

Examples of Brainstorming Diagram

The following are some examples created by Edraw MindMaster.

content marketing mind map

goal setting mind map.png

good presentation fishbone diagram.png

Who Will Use the Brainstorming

  1. New product development - obtaining ideas for new products and making improvements to existing products
  2. Business planning - develop and improve product ideas.
  3. Team building - generates sharing and discussion of ideas while stimulating participants to think
  4. Advertising - developing ideas for advertising campaigns
  5. Problem solving - issues, root causes, alternative solutions, impact analysis, evaluation
  6. Process management - finding ways of improving business and production processes
  7. Project Management - identifying client objectives, risks, deliverables, work packages, resources, roles and responsibilities, tasks and issues

Brainstorming Can Be Acted as a Supplement For

  1. Individual ideation: by means of generating a maximum number of potentially usable ideas in a minimum of time.
  2. A business conference: stimulate creative thinking in a judicial and relatively unproductive atmosphere.
  3. Creative training: brainstorming improves the creative attitude towards solving problems and improves the creative ability in groups and individual.

Brainstorming for Problem Solving

  1. Improve initiative: During a brainstorm session, participants are encouraged to constantly throwing their ideas, to take initiative all the time. This initiative can last even after the session.
  2. Improve creative thinking: Participants are encouraged to look from a creative perspective to the problem and the power of association is used to create ideas.
  3. Improve morale: The participants work together as a team to find a solution to a problem and every participant is encouraged to take initiative.
  4. These two factors can improve the morale of the team and its members.
  5. Have more FUN: Most of the participants like the interactive and creative atmosphere in which problems are solved and creativity is enhanced.

All these uses are supported by Edraw MindMaster, making it the ideal productivity software for your brainstorming and creative, radiant thinking needs.

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