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Creating business infographic is no longer difficult through build-in business clip arts and easy-to-use tools. You are allowed to use pre-made chart and graph templates, insert local images, and apply a large amount of infographic design elements.

Business Infographics

Infographic is a popular strategy among businesses because it's an engaging method for presenting your business content to your target audience. You can create business infographics to inform, advertise or promote your products/services. Also, you can use infographics to present ideas, communicate with workmates, or report your work in your company. How to make visually enticing business infographics without spending too much time? Well, you can try Edraw infographic maker coming with lots of built-in clip arts for business infogrpahic design.

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Video Tutorial - How to Make Infographics with Edraw

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Pre-made Vector Business Infographic Clip Arts

You will find some libraries of clip arts containing the most frequently used design elements for business infographics. These clip arts are vector based graphics. You can edit them freely without losing the quality.

business infographic elements

business people

half length people

Built-in Elements are Editable

The built-in elements are fully editable. You can change the fill color, line color, fill effect, shadow, transparency, group/ungroup, etc.

Edit Business Elements

Draw Custom Symbols

The capability of drawing custom symbols makes Edraw better than other infographic makers. It offers a full set of vector shaping tools, as well as advanced format options such as Fill, Line, Shadow, etc. This function allows you to create any vector drawing at any time.

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Business Infographic Templates

There are plenty of business infographic templates right in the software. They can be customized and used as starting templates.

Business Process Infographic

Business Target Infographic

More Business Infographics

Three more business infographics are presented below. Click to download if any of them fit your needs. Edraw allows you to boost your creativity and visualize your ideas in a beautiful visual manner.

What Edraw Brings You for Making Business Infographics

Many great features have make our program an outstanding infographic creator.

1. Extensive Business Clip Arts Available.
2. Drag and Drop Operation.
3. Export to PDF/PNG/JPEG/Html...
4. Draw Vector Symbols.
5. Set Page Size.
6. Insert Local Images.
7. Cloud Collaboration.
8. Various Titles, Background, Arrows to Choose.

More Infographic Design

In our infographic maker, you can also find built-in elements for environment, sport, weather, transportation, education, etc. It trys to cover all needs of our customers.

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Download this awesome infographic maker now and take advantage of all the 10000+ elements, and even more! We will keep updating more elements that users need.