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Why EdrawMax to Make Your Area Charts?

Visualize the comparison

Easy data depiction: An area chart maker lets the users make a chart to transform the research outputs more understanding and clearer.

Clear assessment: It depicts the easy comparison between two or more groups of data and states the time interval by denoting it with different colors.

Quantity embellishment: It makes the elaboration of quantitative information more efficient and straightforward.

for every need

Creating area charts is a breeze

Creative layouts: Use the area chart's professionally designed templates and layouts. These templates are ready to edit and save a lot of time.

Data insertion: Redesign the chart by importing relevant and preferred data to the template. Use the spreadsheet editor, paste the data to the rows and columns, and apply the required formulas.

Remarkable features: Get access to the fantastic chart customization tools. Customize each part of your area chart: font, size, label, color, border, etc.

create with EdrawMax

Easy downloading and sharing

Free storage: EdrawMax offers its basic account users free 100 MB of cloud storage to save diagrams and documents and get remote access to them.

File exporting made easy: Export your area chart in multiple file formats, and it lets you share the Chart anywhere without considering the restriction of file type. You can download it in Visio, PPT, PDF, Docx, Xlsx, PNG, SVG, etc.

Share widely: Share the chart instantly on multiple social media platforms and let people see your work and efforts.


Present like an expert

Get a printout: Get a high-quality printout of your area chart with the help of EdrawMax printing tools without compromising the quality of the graph.

File attachment: Embed your area chart on various website links and emails directly from EdrawMax.

Presentation mode: Present the area chart to your crew and team effectively with the help of the full-screen mode. Enable this mode by pressing the F5 key.


More Features Of Area Chart Maker

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I have been using EdrawMax for three years, and my executives have appreciated me several times. Now I excel in floor map creation and building plan diagramming, and the easy-to-use templates help me cover the diagram complexity.

My boss suggested I use EdrawMax to make an area chart maker. It allows me to experience multiple editing and customization tools for variable comparison, data adjustment, and adding color.

The proofreading tools left me speechless when I applied these to my first diagram. After that, all my diagrams have the lowest chance of mistakes. Besides this, the Edrawers community has been a lot of helpful in enhancing my diagramming skills.

Edraw Area Chart Templates

Area Graph
Area Graph
An area graph displays the quantitative data based on the line chart and compares two or more quantities.
Stacked Area Chart
Stacked Area Chart
A stacked area chart displays the evolution of groups' values on the same graph.
Area Chart in Excel
Area Chart in Excel
There is no inbuilt chart for the area chart in Excel, but we can make it using the line chart.
Area Chart Example
Area Chart Example
An area chart shows the cars and bike sales over the 15 years. Different colors represent both.
Polar Area Chart
Polar Area Chart
A polar area chart resembles a pie chart. Each segment has the same angle, but the radius differs depending on the value.
Area Chart Tableau
Area Chart Tableau
An area chart that is created via Tableau by using the professionally made area chart layout for the Tableau users.

Area Chart FAQs

Except for the pre-made area chart templates in EdrawMax, you can download and customize templates from our Template Community. All the community-made templates are free to use for Edrawers.
When your area chart is complete, you can post it on social media, publish on Edraw Template Community, or export the file as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG. EdrawMax is dedicated to delivering a superior user experience.
No worries. You can find area chart symbols by opening and searching in the preset symbol libraries of EdrawMax.
You can create an area chart from scratch by dragging and dropping symbols from the libraries and customizing colors, fonts, lines, etc. All the symbols in EdrawMax are vector, editable, and catered to different types of area charts.
YES! It is free to create different area charts in EdrawMax. There are free templates, symbols, and easy-to-use editing tools for making area charts. Just download it and try EdrawMax now. You will love it right now.

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