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Sequence chart can be an effective aid in teaching. Read this article to learn how to use sequence chart in teaching.

What is a Sequence Chart?

Sequence refers to a set of events, actions, numbers, etc. which have a particular order and which lead to a particular result . A sequence chart shows a series of steps or events in the order in which they take place. Any concept that has a distinct order can be displayed in this type of organizer. It is an excellent tool for teaching students the steps necessary to reach a final point.

Sequence Chart Software

Edraw Max is a handy application with which you can draw beautiful and professional-looking sequence charts. With a large amount libraries that contain numerous symbols, creating a sequence chart is easy, convenient and quick with a few clicks. You can customize your drawing with its rich color schemes and fill options to make your chart impressive.What‘s more, you are allowed to print your drawing and export them to various formats ssuch as Graphics, PDF, PS, EPS, Offfice files, SVG and Visio.

Sequence Chart Software

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How to Use Sequence Chart?


Reading comprehension is a required course for students around the world. For students at different ages and levels, the reading material varies. However, it's not always easy to conclude the plots of a story right after you finished reading. This is when a sequence chart helps a lot, especially for younger children who are easily attracted to vivid pictures and texts. Before reading a longer story with students, makes sequence charts labeled "beginning", "middle" and "end", or numbers like "1", "2", "3" etc. Stop for a while after each section of the content and have discussions on it will help students to summarize the main information.

Story of the Lady by Sequence Chart

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In reading comprehension, sequence chart serves to conclude and simplify detailed information. In writing, creating a graphic organizer such as a sequence chart on events that students want to write about allow them to expand their story with detailed descriptions.

Squence Chart for Writing

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Science and Engineering

Along with trivial procedures, problems involving science and engineering always appear to be more complicated. For example, to solve a math problem, you need to apply different formulas to different steps in a fixed order. Even a minor mistake will ruin your efforts. In this case, a sequence chart labeled with the operating procedures offers them a clear mind and saves them much time.


In a lower-grade class, you may often hear students screaming and wrangling rules of a game or other activities. Young students are not old enough to understand and memorize a long statement on a certain thing. Listing the order and keywords in a sequence chart contributes to reducing their confusion, thus leaving the class in order.

Sequence Chart for Activities

For teachers, sequence chart is a requisite tool in teaching. Edraw Max can be a great choice as a sequence chart software.

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