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Grid and Matrix diagrams are effective graphic organizers for teaching and learning. Free download Grid and Matrix graphic organizers and use them in worksheets, teaching or learning materials.

Graphic organizers are pedagogical tools that express the logic and relationships between items, facts and concepts in a visualized pattern, and help you understand and instruct the connotation of things better. Comparing with other comprehensive visual graphic organizers such as mind map and various charts, grid and matrix is much easier to create.

Free Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Templates

The following are Grid and Matrix templates that you can download and use for free. The eddx files are vector-based and all the texts, fonts colors, and symbols are editable. You can edit and customize them for your own use with Edraw graphic organizer software.

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Template - Observation Chart

The following grid and matrix graphic organizer is mainly used for observation and recording. For example, primary school students are usually asked to observe an item and describe their features. You know it's not easy for primary students to organize their words and express themselves accurately. In this case, using a grid and matrix observation chart can alleviate the burden of both the teacher and students.

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer - Observation Chart

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Template - Reading and Writing

In reading classes, students are often asked to give detailed information of a certain part. Many students would go back to the essay and look over from the beginning to find corresponding answers. Actually, looking for answers in this way can be a waste of time and suggests that the student failed to digest the content of the essay.

For example, in an essay titled "The Day I Will Never Forget", the teacher asks students to repeat the story concisely. In this case, the teachers can make a simple grid and matrix to get students comprehend what they are reading. On the contrary, if students need to write an essay, such a graphic organizer can serve as a great source for their writing. This strategy is used best for text that has many details and many facts about people, places, or events.

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Template - Reading and Writing

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Template - Compare and Contrast

Grid and matrix graphic organizers can also be used to compare and contrast multiple objects, characters, or concepts from a given text. For students who want to know deeper, putting several different items in a grid and matrix diagram enables them to see multiple differences and similarities.

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Template

Edit Templates with Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Maker

Do you find the grid and matrix organizers useful? If you want to apply these templates into teaching and learning, download Edraw graphic organizer software and edit them to meet your demand.

Grid and Matrix Graphic Organizer Maker

Try this easy graphic organizer maker:

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