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Rainbow Style

The Rainbow Style lets you choose how to distribute the theme colors. There are 4 rainbow styles: Single Color, Rainbow, Symmetrical, and Alternate.

You can go to Page Style tab or Format panel to find Rainbow option.

rainbow option menu
  1. Single Color
  2. Clicking Single Color button will apply a single color for all branches.

    single color style
  3. Rainbow
  4. Clicking Rainbow button will apply different colors for each branch.

    rainbow style
  5. Symmetrical
  6. Clicking Symmetrical button will apply bilateral symmetrical colors for branches.

    symmetrical style
  7. Alternate
  8. Clicking Alternate button will apply two alternate colors for branches.

    alternate style

Hand-drawn Style

The default effect of a map is Normal Style. A hand-drawn style turns the default lines and shape borders into natural wavy lines to give the map a hand-drawn look.

  1. Select nothing on the map.
  2. Go to Page Style tab or Format panel, and click Hand-Drawn Style button.
  3. To change back to normal style, click Normal Style button.
hand drawn style hand drawn map