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Create an Organizational Chart in 5 Steps

OrgCharting is a powerful organizational chart maker with a user-friendly interface that allows users to create org charts with simply mouse clicking. It has abundant ready-made templates and advanced color themes to help you make professional organizational charts in the fastest way.

OrgCharting works not only for company structure visualization but also for workforce planning and management. It gives an overall picture of the company hierarchy and personnel relationship, so that company managers could gain insight for decision making and strategic planning. Besides, org charts can be used as the employee database, through which you can find, manage and update employee information. The views options of OrgCharting allow users to choose or define a special perspective and display the relevant information.

With OrgCharting, you can create highly-customized org charts, for example, with personalized color schemes, layout styles, backgrounds, or data fields. When you finish the chart, you can export your charts to different file formats such as PDF, JPG, Word, PPT, and it's easy for you to share the charts with others. You can also make awesome presentations by using the function of automatic slide deck generation.

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