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Insert Relationships/Callouts

Insert Relationships

(Ctrl + R)

Some shapes aren’t connected directly, but you can show their relationships with relationship lines.

  1. Select a topic that you want to add a relationship line.
  2. Click Relationship on Home tab.
  3. Move the pointer to another target topic and click.
  4. A relationship line is added.
  5. Double-click on the text area to edit text on the line.


  1. You can change the curve style by moving the yellow handles.
  2. change relationship line style
  3. Select a line and you can change the text style of the line on Relationship Format panel.
  4. relationship format panel

Insert Callouts

(Alt + Enter)

The callout is a visual element to let viewers have a better understanding of the mind maps. It has the meanings of “give me feedback”, “critical”, or “do not forget this”, etc.

  1. Select a topic.
  2. Click Callout on Home tab or right-click the topic to select Callout.
  3. Type texts into the callout
  4. Right-click the callout to change the shape.
  5. The formats can be changed on the right-side panel.

Tips: Callouts can be regarded as floating topics, which can be distinguished from the existing topics clearly by inserting subtopics.