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(Ctrl + G)

In MindMaster, resources for completing tasks are treated as a special tag group, so you can create and manage resources on Tag Manager panel.

resource menu on tag button

Create/Delete Resources

You can create resources in Resources group.

  1. Select a topic.
  2. Click Tag button on Home tab or select Tag on the right-clicking menu to open Tag Manager window.
  3. You can see the Resources group already in Tag Manager window as a default tag group.
  4. Click to select the Resources group (if there is no other tag group, this resource group will be selected automatically).
  5. Type resource names in the right text box.
  6. Click Add and then click OK after finishing adding all names.
  7. add resource name
  8. The created resources will appear in the drop-down menu of Tag, Resource list of Task panel, and Resource group of Mark panel.
  9. resource menu on tag button resource group resource list
  10. To remove resources from Resource group, open Tag Manager window, select a resource, then click Delete button.
remove resource

Add/Delete Resources to Topics

When resources are created, it’s easy to add them to topics.

  1. Select a topic you want to add resources.
  2. Choose a resource from:
    • Drop-down menu of Tag
    • Resource group on Mark panel
    • Resource list on Task panel
  3. When a resource is added to a topic, it will be marked with a person icon.
  4. resource menu on tag resource icon
  5. To remove resources from a topic, simply uncheck the names on the menu or list.