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Display Slides

Play Slides

Click Play Slides button on Slideshow tab or on Slide Preview panel to play slides. When the slides are in a slideshow mode, to navigate slides, you can:

  • Press the Down or Right arrow on your keyboard to jump to the next slide and press the Up or Left arrow to go back to the previous slide.
  • Click the right area on the screen to jump to the next slide and click the left area on the screen to go back to the previous slide.
  • Move the cursor to the lower part of the canvas, a toolbar with 6 buttons will appear. Click the arrows keys to navigate your slides.
  • toolbar on slideshow

Click the following buttons to achieve corresponding effects:

  • go to previous slide: Go to the previous slide
  • go to next page.: Go to the next slide
  • zoom in button: Zoom in
  • zoom out button: Zoom out
  • fit to view button: Fit to view
  • exit slideshow: Exit slideshow

Traverse Topics or Branches

(F5, Shift + F5)

You can navigate and highlight specific topics or branches with the direction keys.

  • Click Traverse Topics or Traverse Branches button to navigate your map.
  • traverse buttons
  • Click the full screen mode icon at the left corner of the bottom toolbar, then you can traverse and edit your map in the full screen mode.
  • full screen mode button