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1. How to evaluate/test Edraw products before purchasing?
EdrawMax, EdrawInfo, OrgCharting and EdrawProj provide a 15-day free trial. EdrawMind and EdrawMax Online provide both free and pro versions, the pro version requires a subscription or license to access.
2. How to get invoice/receipt?
After payment, license information and invoice will be sent to the registered email address immediately. If you fail to get an invoice, please submit your order reference and request to us from Contact Support.
3. What's your tax exemption policy? We are a tax-exempt company/organization/school, how do we place an order?
For tax-exempt organizations, please proceed the payment first. After that, please submit your order reference and tax-exempt document to us from Contact Support.
We will send the document to apply for the tax refund. The request usually will be processed in 1 business day after we receive the material and the refund could take 2-10 business days to reach your bank account depending on each bank processing time.
4. Does the price include sales tax and VAT (value added tax) fees?
The listing price on the website does not include sales tax or VAT. Companies in the EU will pay 0% if they provide a valid company VAT number. Please process your order first, and after that, please submit your order reference and VAT number to us from Contact Support and we will assist to apply for a VAT refund to you.
5. Does renew license need to pay the full price of the product?
No. Please choose the renew package from Edraw Renew & Upgrade Center. If you are not sure about the renewal options, please contact us.
6. Do you have wide-site/multi-user license? Are there any quantity discounts?
Yes, we offer multi-user license for government, enterprise and education and any other industries who require large quantity users licenses of Edraw products. You can find the multi-user license price in "Business" column on each product pricing page. For a quote, please contact us at business@edrawsoft.com.
7. How to get a refund of what I bought?
Please refer to the refund policy to process.
8. What shall I do if I failed to order from online store?
Please send the screenshot and the website URL of the product you would like to order to sales@edrawsoft.com. And we will assist with the purchase.
9. Why are you not accepting my credit card?
There are many reasons for a failed credit card transaction. Your card may have expired or reached its limit or have a security authentication issue. Please send the screenshot and the website URL of the product you would like to order to sales@edrawsoft.com. And we will assist with the purchase.
10. How to cancel the subscription license?
1) Processed order via 2Checkout: When you purchase a subscription license, you can choose to cancel the auto-renew function on order page during the payment. When you select the auto-renew option, you will be informed two weeks ahead of the subscription expiry date. You can cancel the auto-renew subscription follow the steps: log in Avangate MyAccount via https://secure.2co.com/myaccount/, go to "My Products" and click "Stop automatic license renewal" beneath each product that has this option enabled.
2) Processed order via other methods: Please submit your order reference and request to us from Contact Support.
11. What payment methods do you accept?
Edraw accepts online payments such as PayPal, Credit card, Local Payment, Wepay, Alipay, linepay, Debit card, Klarna, etc. Accepted payments may differ according to different countries/regions.
If you are interested in the exact accepted payment methods, in your shopping cart, you can first select your Country/Region, and then the supported methods will be listed above.
12. Do you accept payment method Klarna?
Yes, when you select Germany as your country in your shopping cart, you can choose the payment method Klarna which supports you to pay later in 30 days without an extra fee and pay now via Direct debit/Direct bank transfer.
If you want to know more about Klarna, please visit Klarna website:
If you have further questions about Klarna, please visit:
You can learn more about Klarna Privacy policy by visiting the website:
1. After successful payment, I haven't received my license code.
1) If you bought the 12-month subscription plan, it requires no license code to activate. Please log out your register email and log in again to use the premium features. If you still can't use the premium features, please send your order information and EdrawMind User ID to support@edrawsoft.com and we will assist you to activate your Pro account.
2) If you bought perpetual icense, please send your order ID to support@edrawsoft.com and we will assist you to find the license information.
2. What is the difference between EdrawMind Subscription and EdrawMind License?
EdrawMind Subscription:
1) For Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) + Web + iOS + Android.
2) Internet connection and sign in are required.
3) With an account to log in to access EdrawMind.
4) Yearly/Lifetime subscription plan.
EdrawMind License:
1) Desktop Only (Windows, Mac and Linux); Web and mobile versions are not included.
2) Network: It can run in the offline condition. No sign in required.
3. Activation: Use license to activate EdrawMind.
3) Use license to activate EdrawMind.
4) License: Perpetual Use + Lifetime Upgrade.
3. Can I add additional license to the existing license code?
Yes. Please send the original license code and additional license quantity you need to support@edrawsoft.com for more information.
4. How many languages does EdrawMind support?
EdrawMind supports English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Korean.
5. How to activate EdrawMind when you purchased a Perpetual license?
You can go to Help tab, and click the Activate button to activate.
6. How to retrieve my license code if it's lost?
You can visit Retrieve License Code to get back your license code.
7. What features can I get from EdrawMind free version?
1) Shape and branch formatting.
2) Apply 6 themes out of 33.
3) Insert relationship, callout, hyperlink, attachment, summary,boundary, comment, and note.
4) Insert marks and managing mark groups.
5) Insert tags.
6) Change backgrounds.
7) Change layouts and connector styles.
8) Switch to the outline view.
9) Import files from MindManager, Xmind, and EdrawMax.
10) Save and print documents.
11) Export to graphic formats like .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, etc.
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8. What features can I get from EdrawMind pro version?
These bellow features are in the paid version only.
1) Unlimited mind mapping.
2) 33 pre-made mind map themes.
3) View in Outline mode and export outline.
4) Whole sets of vector cliparts.
5) Rainbow colors.
6) Hand-drawn style.
7) Slide-based presentation.
8) Full screen style presentation. (Traverse Topics).
9) Multiple pages export.
10) Export without watermark.
11) Team collaboration.
12) Switch to Gantt view.
Learn more about the EdrawMind Features Comparison.
9. What's the difference between EdrawMax and EdrawMind?
1) Basic Difference: EdrawMax is capable of drawing more than 280+ diagrams, including flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, mind maps, floor plans, Gantt charts, electrical schematics, P&IDs, UML diagrams, fashion designs, and certificates. EdrawMind is a professional mind map software for Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and online. It offers both free and pro version. Users can easily create mind maps and brainstorm with EdrawMind. The 22 layout models, 33 theme styles and 700+ clip arts ensure mind map diversified. The traverse and full-screen features are specially designed for presentation. Users can also generate a Gantt Chart view based on the mind map. It supports to export & send files to graphics, MS Office, PDF, HTML, SVG, and MindManager.
2) Can EdrawMax Draw Mind Maps?: In EdrawMax, users can draw mind maps with the ready-made shapes, there are 7 layout models to choose from. Users can use the tools and symbols to create various mind maps manually.
10. I bought a Windows version of EdrawMind, now I want to use it on macOS, is that possible? (Can the same License key be used on both Windows and macOS?)
The license code can be activated on Windows/macOS/Linux but only for 2 different devices. Users can download the software version accordingly.
1. Can I import an EdrawMax file (.eddx) to EdrawMind?
If the eddx file is a mind map diagram, you can open and edit it on EdrawMind.
2. Can I configure the network proxy?
Yes. You can set it in Options > Network Proxy.
3. How to open the hyperlink when I click the hyperlink icon on EdrawMind?
Please move the cursor on the icon, and when the floating box appears, click the link on the floating box to open the file or URL.
4. Where can I find the auto saved files?
Windows: C:\\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Edraw
Mac: Users\your user name\Libraries\Edraw\
5. How to recover a lost document when there is an unexpected shutdown?
Whether your computer automatically shut down or crashed because of a technical glitch, any documents that were open and being worked on prior to the shut down won't be lost. The next time you open Edraw Project, a pop-up window will let you recover your unsaved files. Also, you can visit C:\\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Edraw folder to find auto saved files.
6. How to cancel shared links?
Navigate to File > Cloud Document > Shared, select the file and right-click to cancel the share.
7. How to unbind devices?
Click your user name in EdrawMind, select User Center to open the User Center window, and then choose Devices to checke and unbind any device.
8. How to cancel dependency between tasks in Gantt Chart view?
In Gantt Chart view, select the linked task in progress bar and right-click to choose unlink.
9. How to search content in tag and note or comment?
In EdrawMind V7.2 (Release Date: Sept 4, 2019) and later versions, navigate to Advanced > Find & Replace to open the Find & Replace window and search anything you want.
10. How to set the default font?
Go to File > Options > Format, tick Use default font instead of theme font and choose your default font.
11. How to save/create a custom theme?
After you finish a mind map, you can save the theme into your own theme library. Go to Page Style on the ribbon, choose Custom Theme and then you can create custom themes or save the current theme.
12. How to pan the canvas or where to find the Pan/Hand tool?
Simply hold down the right mouse button to pan your canvas freely.
13. How to customize the software shortcut?
Go to File > Options > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts to set the shortcut keys for different actions to your liking.
14. How to activate EdrawMind in a network off condition?
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