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Create an Infographic in 5 Steps

Edraw Infographics is an ideal choice for making infographics, posters, flyers, brochures quickly and easily. You do not even need professional drawing skills, just drag and drop the shapes you need, then the infographic that you want is finished.

With a one-off payment, you can use all 10000+ infographic icons and hundreds of premium templates. No additional money is required. As an offline infographic software, you can use it regardless of internet connection. Therefore, it's far more fast stable, and powerful.

A few simple steps in Edraw Infographic produce A-class high quality work. Our software is designed to be simple, direct and time-saving. It only requires a single drag to add a shape, few more for final touches, and that's it! You can customize the text with range of fonts, colors, text styles and sizes. On this infographics drawing platform, it is easy to do everything in the fastest way and after all, simplicity is what we aim for.

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