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Edit Topics

Cut, Copy and Paste Topics

(Ctrl + X; Ctrl + C; Ctrl + V)

These functionalities can help you quickly duplicate a topic or branch and paste it as a floating topic or as a subtopic.

  1. Select the topic or branch that you want to copy or cut.
  2. Click Copy button or click Cut button (or press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + X) on Home tab.
  3. Select a topic or click on blank area and click Paste button (or press Ctrl + V).

Edit Topic text

You can double-click on a topic to edit the topic text. Below are shortcuts to help you quick edit topic contents. Note that you need to select the topic firstly.

Action Shortcut(s)
Start editing mode F2
Move the cursor to the end of text Spacebar
Move the cursor to the beginning of text Shift + Spacebar
Finish editing Enter / Esc
Enter line breaks in text Shift + Enter / Ctrl + Enter
Move to the beginning of the line Home
Move to the beginning of the topic text Ctrl + Home
Move to the end of the topic text Ctrl + End
Cancel editing topic Esc
Find Ctrl + F
Find next Enter
Spelling check F7