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Save/Recover a Mind Map

Save a Mind Map

(Ctrl + S; Ctrl + Shift + S)

You can save your mind maps with Save or Save As commands. Go to File tab and click Save or Save As. Then enter a name and choose a path to save your files.

save as option

Recover an Auto-Saved Mind Map

MindMaster save mind maps automatically for users in case that they don’t save files due to unexpected computer shutdown or software crash. Users can set a time period for each auto-save and the default setting is to save a file in every 5 minutes.

  1. Go to File tab, click Options and then click General.
  2. In Auto Save for recovery option, input a new time period.
set auto save time

Find an Auto Saved Mind Map

  1. Go to Advanced tab, click File Recovery button.
  2. Find your auto-saved files in the file recovery list.
file recovery button