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Add/Delete Topics

To Insert Shortcut(s)
Main Idea (Central Topic) Add Automatically
Topic / Sibling Topic Enter
Topic before the selected topic Shift + Enter
Subtopic Insert / Ctrl + Enter
Parent Topic Shift + Insert
Floating Topic Alt + F
Multiple Topics Ctrl + Shift + M

Add Main Topics


You can add main topics via 4 ways:

  • Press Enter key on the keyboard to quickly add main topics.
  • Click the floating button floating button beside Main Idea.
  • add main topic
  • Click Topic button on Home tab.
  • topic button

    There are 3 options under Topic button:

    1. Topic (Enter): Insert a topic after the selected topic
    2. Topic Before (Shift + Enter): Insert a topic before the selected topic.
    3. Parent Topic (Shift + Insert): Insert a parent topic for a selected topic.

  • Click to use Multiple Topics option.

Add Subtopics

(Insert; Ctrl + Enter)

There are 4 ways to add subtopics.

  • Select a topic and press Insert or Ctrl + Enter on the keyboard.
  • Select a topic and click the floating button floating button.
  • Select a topic and click Subtopic button on Home tab
  • Use Multiple Topics option.

Insert Floating Topics

(Alt + F)

A Floating Topic is a standalone topic, which doesn’t have any connection with the body of the map structure.

To add a floating topic, you can:

  • Press Alt + F, then put the cursor on any location you want to add a floating topic and click the mouse.
  • Click Floating Topic button on Home tab and click the mouse on the page.

Insert Multiple Topics

(Ctrl + Shift + M)

If you want to add multiple topics all at once, you can use Multiple Topics option.

  1. Click Multiple Topics on Home tab or press Ctrl + Shift + M.
  2. In the pop-up dialogue, type the topics, then press Enter.
  3. When you finish editing, click OK.
multiple topics

Delete Selected Topic

You can only delete a selected topic and keep its subtopics undeleted.

  1. Select the target topic.
  2. Right-click and choose Delete Selected Topic.
  3. The selected topic will be deleted.
  4. The reserved subtopics will be promoted up one level.
delete selected topic

Delete Selected Topic and all its Subtopics

You can delete a topic with its subtopics.

  1. Select a topic.
  2. Right-click and then select Delete.
  3. The topic and all its subtopics will be deleted.
delete selected topic with subtopics