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Add a Boundary/Summary

Add a Boundary

(Ctrl + Shift + B)

To Create a boundary:

  1. Select topics which need to be gathered together (vertical, horizontal or both).
  2. Click Boundary on Home tab or right-click on the selected objects to select Insert option and click Boundary.

To Change boundary formats:

  1. Click Boundary and you can see the format tab is on the right sidebar.
  2. Change the fill color, shape style, shadow, and line style to customize your mind map.
  3. boundary foramt panel

To Remove a boundary: Right-click on the boundary and click Delete button or press Delete key.

Add a Summary

(Ctrl + ])

  1. Select topics that need to be summarized.
  2. Click Summary on Home tab or right-click the selected topics to select Insert button and click Summary.
  3. Type texts in Summary topic.
  4. Add subtopics to expand the summary into a new topic tree.
  5. summary-topic