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Working Environment

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/26/2021
Edraw is a multi-window environment which allows you to work with several documents at a time.

Working Environment

Edraw has a large number of toolbars and floating dialogs which make creating vector drawings, schemes and diagrams convenient and fast.

Working Environment: Windows, Toolbars and Libraries

Start Page

The user can re-arrange and customize toolbars; however, we will use the default toolbar settings for the purpose of this exercise.

1.Starting Page

By default, when you open Edraw, on the starting page you can see the main menu, template category, and some other tools.

Main menu: It locates on the left side of the starting page, where you can save, print, import, export a file, or open an existing or a new file.

Template category: On the left is the template category list for navigating the right template, which includes all the available templates in Edraw. When you choose a certain category, all the sub types and corresponding examples will immediately appear. Double click a template icon to open a new drawing page; while double click an example icon to view an example.

Other tools: Click Create button on the right page you can create a new drawing page. Under the Create button, you can choose the drawing unit.

Drawing Page

2.Drawing Page

From the drawing page you will see the ribbon, library, canvas and other tools.

Ribbon: The ribbon is on the top of the window, which is divided into different tabs according to the commands they contain, including Home, Insert, Page Layout, View, Symbols and Help tabs.

The Home tab gives you the access to the most commonly used functions, including file tools, font formatting tools, basic drawing tools, arrange tools, style formatting tools and replace tools.

From the Insert tab, you can easily insert pages, illustrations, objects and links.

The Page Layout tab help with page set up and theme setting.

The tabs are sensitive to the context in which you are working. To illustrate this, suppose you are creating a mind map, and the mind map context tab will appear. Through this context tab, you are easy to get access to more specific functions for mind map, such as arrangement direction and lock connector.

Library: It locates on the left of the page, from where you can get all the shapes you need for drawing. Edraw has built in more than 200 libraries for different diagram designing. Each category is well prepared with extensive shapes. Click Open Library button and choose a certain category from the pull-down list, when it opens, drag and drop a desired shape onto the canvas.

Canvas: By default, the grid is not displayed on the canvas. If you need more convenient and concise drawing, go to Page Layout tab to set ruler and grid option. On the bottom of the canvas, you can see the page label and page scroll bar. To make it more convenient for instant color applying, a color quick access bar is provided under the canvas, which contains the most commonly used colors.

Viewing tools: At the bottom right corner, there are some quick access tools for viewing options. Click background view button to turn to background view mode, under which background editing is available. Click normal view button to return to the normal view. If you want a full screen view for better visual effect, click full screen view button. In addition, you can also zoom the drawing page to a certain percentage through the zoom scroll bar.


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