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EdrawMax Guide

Page View Options

Basic View Options

page layout tab
  • From Beginning: Start the slide show from the first page.
  • From Current Page: Jump right into the show from this page.
  • Normal View/Background View: You can switch between these 2 different views. The grey button means it is active.
  • Auxiliary view tools: There includes Ruler, Page Break, Guide lines, Gridlines, Action Button, Connection Points. You can use them to help you draw accurately and easily.
auxiliary view tool

Snap & Glue

Go to File tab, click Options > Snap & Glue button. Then, in the right Snap & Glue panel, you can modify the settings that specify whether snap & glue are active and to what items shapes will snap and glue.

snap and glue

Zoom Options

To adjust the view of a page, you can

  • Go to View tab, click Zoom button and choose a suitable zoom level.
  • Use the controls on the footer to change the zoom level.

Whole Page: Make the entire page fits in and fills the window.

Page Width: Make the page is as wide as the window.

Tip: When you zoom the page, EdrawMax supports to zoom in/out centering on the mouse position.