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Create a Mind Map from Scratch

Apart from using mind map templates, you can build a mind map from scratch with the pre-made mind map symbols. You need to drag the Main Idea shape from the library, and then start to add topics.

create mind map from scratch

To insert main topics or subtopics on the canvas, select one of the topics, and there are 4 different ways:

  • Press Enter or Ctrl + Enter key to add topics at the same level as the selected topic; press Insert key to add topics that have a lower level than the selected topic.
  • Click the Topic/Subtopic button on the Mind Map pane, where you can choose to insert a topic before the selected topic or insert a parent topic.
    add topic right pane
  • Drag the topic shape from the library and release the mouse when the orange box appears.
    add topic drag shape
  • Click the floating button of the selected topic.
    add topic floating

To insert a floating topic in a mind map, you can:

  • Click Float Topic button on Mind Map pane and hit on where you want to add a floating topic.
  • Drag a mind map shape from the library, and drop it on the canvas but don’t put too close to the connected topics.

To insert a line of relationship in a mind map, select a shape of topic, click Insert Relationship on Mind Map tab, or drag the line from library, then move the pointer onto another shape and click again.