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Tools for Drawing Text Boxes

Text Tool

To insert a text box on the canvas, you can:

  1. Click the Text button on Home tab or Press Ctrl + 2.
  2. quick-text-tool
  3. The cursor will be liketext-tool-cursor.
  4. Click on the canvas and drag the mouse until the size of the text box is what you want.
  5. Put the must-see content in the text box.
  6. Click outside the text box when you finish typing.

Text Block Adjust Tool

To adjust a text box on the canvas, you can

  1. Navigate to Symbols tab and click the Text Tool > Text Block Adjust Tool.
  2. Click on the text box or the shape that has a text box. The outline will show magenta control points, which you can drag to change the size of the box and move the position of the box.
  3. text block
  4. Drag the rotation handle to rotate the whole text box. When the cursor is over the rotation handle, it will become a round arrow.
  5. rotation handle

Watch this video to learn more. If the video doesn't play, please visit it at YouTube.

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