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EdrawMax Guide

Insert Picture

To insert a picture, you can

  • Go to Insert > Insert Picture From File
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + I directly
  • Navigate to the right Image pane, and click Insert Picture to insert an image from local files

Tip: If the image is over-sized, there will be a small window to let you decide whether to compress the image or not.

To customize an image, select the image, click Picture icon on the right sidebar to open Image pane. You can use the pre-defined shapes and crop the picture into the desired shape.

image pane rightside

There are 5 buttons on the Image pane for customizing an image.

  • Crop a Picture with a shape crop picture with shape button: crop the selected image to remove the unwanted area with the below pre-defined shape frames.
  • Crop to a Custom Shape crop picture with custom shape button: put a custom shape over the image, select both the shape and image, and click the button to obtain the cropped image with the special shape frame.
  • crop picture with custom shape
  • Remove a part of Image remove part from image button: put a shape on the image, select both of them, and click the button to take out a part of the image that is covered by the shape.
  • remove part from image
  • Return to original state return to original state: click this button to regain the original state of the selected image.
  • Recolor the Picture recolor picture button: click this button to choose various filter effects for the selected image.
  • recolor picture menu