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Edit Gantt Chart Data

You can find the following elements in a Gantt chart.

  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Summary Task
  • Task Links (Task dependencies)
  • Taks Label
  • Task Hyperlink(Link to the task resource)


When you select a task on a Gantt chart, it will become orange, and you can press the Ctrl key and click another task to select multiple tasks. Right-click on the selected task, the context menu will pop up and you can choose to move the task or add a sub-task.

task bar context menu

The following table shows how to set the operations.

Change a task name Double-click the cell in Task Name column and type a new name.
Change task start or finish date
  • Double-click the cell in Start/Finish column, then input the new date and make sure the new data format is the same as others.
  • Click on the taskbar, drag the bar. Start date and Finish date determine the bar’s position in Gantt frame.
  • drag task bar
Change task duration Double-click the cells in Duration column, type the new value.
Change task complete percentage Click on the left margin of the task bar, hold the mouse and move to the date you want.
change task complete percentage change task complete percentage
Add a new task
  • Right-click a task and click Add Task Before/After.
  • Select a task and click Insert New Task on Gantt Chart pane.
Delete a task
  • Right-click the task and click Delete on context menu.
  • Select the task and click Delete on Gantt Chart pane.
Change task style Select a task or multiple tasks, choose the fill color on color bar of the footer or go to the Style pane.



Transform a taskbar to a milestone Make the finish date same as start date or check Milestone on the bottom of Gantt Chart pane.Note: A milestone can be changed back to a taskbar.
Delete a milestone Uncheck Milestone on Gantt Chart pane or delete the task.

Summary Task

summary task

Add a sub-task Select a task, click Indent on Gantt Chart pane. Note: In the example, Task 2 and 3 are subtasks of Task 1. Task 1 is the summary task of Task 2 and 3.
Remove a sub-task Select a subordinate task, click Outdent on Gantt Chart pane.

Task Links (Task dependencies)

task link

Link tasks
  • Click on a taskbar, press the left mouse button, move it to another taskbar, release the mouse to finish linking operation. The red box means that you can start to link tasks;
  • create task link
  • Select 2 or more tasks, click Link Tasks on Gantt Chart pane.
Unlink tasks Select the linked tasks, click Unlink Tasks on Gantt Chart pane.

Task Label

task label

You can add text labels to the taskbar to have more descriptions of the task. Right-click the task, click Add Left Label or Add Right Label on the context menu. Double-click the labels to edit the text, and you can also move the label.

Task Hyperlink (Link to Task Resource)

Right-click the column name, click Insert column and check Hyperlink to add a Hyperlink column. Right-click the task, click Hyperlink on task context menu to add hyperlinks. Refer to Insert Hyperlink and see how to insert a hyperlink in the task.