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Print Edraw Diagrams

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/26/2021
Sometimes, creating catchy and professional diagrams is not the ultimate goal. It will not be perfect until you print them on paper so that you can show your work to more people anytime anywhere without any equipment like computer or projector. Edraw offers a clearer, easier and quicker way to print desired results.

How to Print Edraw Diagrams

Printing Diagrams of Any Size

Print Tab

You can print drawings in any size supported by your printer. Edraw templates are designed in A4 page size, the commonly used print page sizes.
To print an Edraw diagram or drawing, follow these steps as shown in the picture on the left.
1. Choose Print on the File menu.
2. Select OK in the Print dialog box.

The Print Tab

Edraw has streamlined the printing process by combining the settings and preview in the same view. You can change settings with fewer clicks and see the print preview in real time.
To open the Print tab,
1. On the File Menu, click Print.
2. Or press Ctrl + Alt + P.

Print tab consists of two panes: the left is settings pane and the right is preview pane. It allows you to apply changes faster and find out the most suitable distribution ASAP.

The Print Settings Pane

Print Pane

The print settings pane is on the left of Print tab. It is divided into three parts, namely Print, Printer and Settings. Click their drop down menus to select the settings you need. For more detailed settings, click Printer Properties or More Print Setup.

The Print Preview Pane

The Print Preview pane allows for live preview of your setting changes, which is very popular with our customers. In the Print Preview pane, you can:
1. Switch pages by clicking the Leverage Button at the bottom left corner of the pane or dragging the Scroll Bar on the right.
Leverage ButtonScroll Bar
2. Zoom in or out from a diagram by using the Zoom Slider at the bottom right corner of the preview pane.

Printing Tips

Paper Size

Same As

You can use the Page Size tab to change the paper size so that it suits to the drawing page size.
1. Click Page Layout on the File menu. The Page Layout dialogue box opens.
2. Click the Page Size tab.
3. Choose More Page Sizes.
4. Select Same as print paper size.

Paper Orientation


Specify the paper orientation as portrait or landscape. You can also apply Same as print paper size on the Page Size tab to change the paper orientation so that it applies to the drawing page orientation. Landscape orientation means the page is wider than it is tall just like landscape paintings. Portrait orientation is the contrary.

Center Drawing

Center Drawing

Usually, centering a drawing can make it look tidy.
1. Right click on a blank place of the drawing page to open the right-click menu.
2. Choose Center Drawing at the bottom the menu.

Adjust to

Adjust To

This function reduces or enlarges the drawing page to a specified percentage of actual size for printing only. To do this,
1. Click File.
2. Choose Print.
3. Click More Print Setup.
4. Choose the percentage you want from the drop down menu of Adjust to.
5. Click Ok.

Fit to

Fit to Preview

This option fits each drawing on the specified number of sheets across and down. Depending on the number of pages and the margins you specify, the drawing is enlarged or reduced.
1. Click More Print Setup... on the Print Settings tab.
2. Enter the number of sheets into the Fit to boxes.
3. Click Ok.

The upper box is for dividing sheets horizontally. The lower box is for dividing sheets vertically. If the pages across and down are not proportional to the drawing's dimensions, only those sheets needed to maintain the drawing's proportions are used.

You can preview the division on the top right corner of this dialogue box. The blank portion represents the drawing page. The portion with green lines represents the printed page.


This part lists some common printing errors and then offers corresponding solutions.

Page Orientation Error

If the drawing page orientation is different from the print page, you will receive an error message. If you change the orientation of your drawing, you need to change the orientation of your printer's paper, too, unless you specifically want the drawing to print on more pages. You can try one of these two solutions:
1. Choose OK to continue. The parts of the drawing that cannot be contained in one page will be printed on more pages.
2. Choose Cancel, and then match drawing page and print paper orientations.

Paper Orientation Tab

Match Orientations

1. On the File menu, click Page Layout.
2. On the Page Size tab, find out the setting under Page Orientation.
3. Click the Print Setup tab.
4. Adjust the page orientation by choosing from the Orientation drop down menu.

Printing on One Page

Edraw can expand unlimitedly with the drawing divided into multiple pages by the Page Break shown as a black line in the drawing. To print a drawing on a single page, try one of the following three methods:

Choose Larger Paper Size

Choose a larger size if your printer supports different sizes of paper. For example, print on legal-sized paper rather than letter-sized. To do this,
1. Open the Print dialog tab.
2. Choose a suitable paper size.
Fit to

Shrink the Drawing

After you shrink the drawing, the size of the original drawing remains the same. To do this,
1. On the File menu, click print.
2. Click More Print Setup tab.
3. Choose Adjust To then enter a specified percentage, or select Fit to then type in 1 Sheet across By 1 Sheet down.

Video Tutorial - How to Print a Big Size Document

Change the Drawing Page Orientation.

For instance, if your drawing is too wide to fit on a single page, use landscape orientation, where the page is wider than it is tall.
1. On the File menu, click Print.
2. Click the Page Orientation drop down menu to apply Landscape Orientation.

Unnecessary Blank Printed Pages

When the drawing page size is larger than your print paper, or Edraw is tiling your drawing across multiple pages, several extra pages will be printed - and some might be blank. To avoid this trouble, apply these ways.

Resize the Drawing Page

Fit to Drawing

Resize the drawing page so that it covers the drawing contents only.
1. On the File menu, click Page Layout.
2. Click the Page Size tab.
3. Select Fit to Drawing option.
Instead, you can also resize in this way.
1. Open the right click menu on the blank place of the drawing canvas.
2. Choose Fit to drawing option.

Use a Smaller Drawing Page Size.

If you have extra blank space around your drawing, you can remove it by choosing a standard page size that's smaller - but still large enough for your drawing's contents. Follow the technique just described in the last item, but select Same as print paper or a predefined size, according to the paper size options your printer supports.

Center a Drawing on the Print Paper

When you print a document on a single paper, by default the drawing does not appear centered, but on the top. We have created a video tutorial to teach you how to solve this problem, please visit: Video Tutorial - Center a Drawing on a Print Paper

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