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How to print a large flowchart

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 02/26/2021
If a flowchart is going to be printed, you can make sure that no flowchart shapes are divided at page breaks. To make sure how many page break was used in a page, you can zoom the drawing page in a small size with the zoom slide button.
zoom size

When you check Page Breaks on the View menu, gray lines appear on your drawing. These gray lines indicate overlap: content that falls within them prints twice, once on each of two adjoining printed pages. The gray lines also show you approximately where pages will break when you print.

To see how the flowchart will be printed, look at the Print Preview, which is on the File menu. As the following figure shown, some shapes of the flowchart extends a page break. It will be printed on four pieces of letter-sized paper.

print large flowchart

If you would like to print the large flowchart in a single page, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose bigger print paper.

Click the File menu, then point to Print. Choose a bigger page size from the Setting panel.

choose print paper size

2. Zoom the drawing in a small size to print. Click "More Print Setup..." option, and from the Print Setup dialog, you can adjust to special zoom size to print or fit to one sheet to print.

zoom to print

3. Use "Fit to Drawing" to make the page size fit to the size of your flowchart.

Switch to the Home menu. Right click your mouse on any blank area of your drawing page, and from the context menu, choose "Fit to Drawing".

Fit to Drawing

All page breaks in a page will be merged.

print flowchart on one page

Then print.

Another way to print out a flowchart which is larger than your print paper is to print it onto multiple pieces of paper and then tape the pieces together.

Edraw Flowchart Software also allows the designers to save the drawing as svg, pdf, word, html format then print.

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