How to Set Default Line and Connector Style?

Refer to this page to learn how to set default line and connector style.

A Connector is a line that links two or more shapes together in a diagram. In Edraw Max, there are built-in connectors of various styles that you can choose to apply to your diagram. If the built-in connectors don't satisfy your demand, you can customize a default connector style easily.


Set Default Connector Style

  1. On the Page Layout tab, click Connectors. From the drop-down connector list, choose a connector style.
  2. Built-in cennector style

  3. To create custom connectors, click Create Theme Connectors on the bottom of the connector list.
  4. Create theme connector style

  5. Set the line color, dash type, line weight, and arrow type from the pop-up dialogue box.
  6. Click OK. You will see the cucstomized theme connector appear at the beginning of the drop-ddown connector list.

To apply the customized , you can:

Go to Page Layout tab and click Connectors, click the cucstomized theme connector that appears at the beginning of the drop-ddown connector list.

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