How to Set the Grid?

Refer to this page to learn how to hide or show the grid.

The grid is a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles. The grid references are used for the location and coordination of details. In Edraw Max, the Grid lines themselves are drawn in light gray and form squares of the same size. They are spaced 1 unit apart from each other. The grid appearance is set by certail value horizontally and vertically, the default spacing is 1 unit and grid subdivisions is 2 units in both directions.

You can choose to show or hide the girdlines by checking the Gridlines option under View tab, and change the grid spacing and divisions.


To adjust the value of grid spacing and divisions, you can:

Click File menu, go to Options > Grid.

  1. Click the up arrows and down arrows to increase or decrease the value.
  2. Set grid spacing and subdivision

  3. Press Enter to set your adjustment to your canvas.
  4. Or print in the value you need in the blanks directly and press Enter.
  5. After the setting is done, go back to the canvas and the appearance of the grid will change.

See the contrast between the default and customized page margin value:

Why I cannot See the Gridlines?

When you have set a background for your drawing, you cannot see the gridlines even you've checked the Gridlines option under View tab.

The background will hide the gridlines. To make the gridlines visible, you need to go yo Page Layout tab and click Remove Background.

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