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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/08/2021
Font is usually decided by the theme of an org chart. You can also choose your preferred font.

Use Default Font

You can set a default font for your chart, and use the default font instead of the theme font.

Go to the Options menu, click Theme, and tick “Use default font instead of theme font”, then choose a default font for your chart.

Change Box Font

  1. Select a box or multiple boxs.
  2. On the Style side panel, in the Font group, change the text font type, font size, align, bullet, bold, italic, underline, line spacing, or text color.
  3. Font options

    Click the following buttons to achieve corresponding font effects:

    • Enlarge font size buttonEnlarge text size.
    • Reduce font size buttonReduce text size.
    • Bold the selected text.
    • Italicize the selected text.
    • Underline buttonUnderline the selected text.
    • Line-through buttonDraw a line through the middle of the selected text.
    • Alignment buttonAlign selected text to a special edge.
    • Highlight text buttonHighlight the selected text.
    • Font color buttonChange the text color.
    • More font options.

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