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Display a Slide Show

Click the Play Slides buttonremove slide deck button on Slideshow tab or on Slide Preview panel to start a slideshow from the first slide.

Navigate Slides

There are 3 ways to navigate your slides in slide show view:

  1. Press the Down or Right arrow of your keyboard to jump to the next slide. Press the Up or Left arrow to go back to the previous slide.
  2. Click your mouse once on anywhere of the screen to jump to the next slide.
  3. Move the cursor on the lower part of the canvas, a toolbar with seven buttons will appear. Click the up and down arrow buttons to navigate your slides.
slide arrow

Click the following buttons to achieve corresponding effect:

  • broadcast button Broadcast automatically.
  • previous page The previous page.
  • next page The next page.
  • zoom in button Zoom in.
  • zoom out button Zoom out.
  • fit in view Fit in view.
  • delete button Close the slide show.


You can end the slide show by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard, or click the Close buttondelete button on the slide show toolbar.

Traverse Boxes or Branches

(F5, Shift + F5)

In the full-screen mode, you can navigate and highlight specific boxes or branches with the direction arrow keys.

  1. You can click the Present by Boxes or Present by Branches option.
  2. traverse boxes or branches
  3. You can also click the Full Screen icon on Slideshow tab to view your document in full screen mode.