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Rulers, Gridlines, Action Button and Status Bar

On the View tab, you can choose to show or hide rulers, grid lines, action button and status bar that may assist your OrgCharting work.

view tab display


Each drawing window has vertical and horizontal rulers that show the scale of the drawing.


The gridlines help users to position shapes more precisely.

Open File menu, click Options, and choose Grid. You can set grid spacing and subdivision by clicking the up and down buttons or entering a number.

grid display

Action Button

The Action Buttons float around each box to assist your drawing work. There are two types of Action Buttons in OrgCharting.

Theaction button add is used to add managers, colleagues and subordinates.

Theaction button upaction button downaction button rightaction button left four buttons are used to collapse and expand the chart to different directions.

edit action button

If you hide the Action Button, the box looks as the appearance below.

hide action button

Status Bar

The Status Bar is a horizontal bar at the bottom of the window, showing the information about the program and the document being edited.

status bar