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Add and Rename Slide Pages

Add Slide Pages

Once you have created a slide deck, you can add new slide pages to the slide deck. Any shapes or branches could be added as a slide page.

  1. In the Slide Preview panel, select the Slide Deck you need to add pages.
  2. slide preview
  3. Go to your chart, select a branch or shape, and click the Add Slide buttonadd slide button on the Slideshow tab.
  4. The branch or shape will be added as a slide page. You can see it at the bottom of the Slide Preview panel.

Rename Slide Pages

Options of renaming a slide page are as follow:

  1. Select a slide page from the Slide Preview panel, click Rename buttonrename button on the Slide Preview panel and type your preferred name.
  2. Double click the slide page name and edit the name directly.
  3. Right click a slide in the Slide Preview panel and click Rename in the context menu, you will see its current name turn blue so that you can type your preferred name.

Slide Preview

Once a slide is created, the slide preview panel will open automatically. You can close or reopen the slide preview panel by click the Slide Preview buttonslide preview button on the Slideshow tab. Click a thumbnail of the slide page in the Slide Preview panel, and you can preview the full slide page in the main window. Click the close buttonclose button on the top of the main window, and you can close the full slide page.

slide page menu